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The latest insight from the retail technology industry.

New Retail Industry Podcast Launches

The first episode of The Retail Exchange, a new retail podcast series that throws a spotlight on key issues affecting instore performance, with insight...

The rise of artificial intelligence in retail

There have been a number of buzzwords and defining technology trends in retail over the last decade, from Big Data to omni-channel and the...

Millennials and the retail make-over

They have been using technology since their teens and have been privy to (and sometimes responsible for) the very latest digital advances in our...

Use IT to draw customers into your store

When we think of online solutions we think of how they circumnavigate, even undermine the physical high street shopping experience, but there are now...

Retailers can drive their business forward using technology

The world is going digital and if retailers want to stay in business, they need to integrate the best of digital technology into their...

The many faces of the connected customer

Businesses may be overlooking connected customers’ situational demands, as shoppers’ purchasing behaviours shift depending on the item they are buying, a new report by...

Consumers and retailers ready for robot helpers in store

Consumers and retailers ready for robot helpers in store, but security and cost doubts could stall plans A recent survey on the use of humanoid...

Majority of sales still come from in-store purchases for over half of UK retailers

Research from Qmatic UK Ltd, has revealed that the majority of sales for multi-channel retailers in the UK still come from in-store transactions. According...

Episode 2: Creating Top Shops

Experience, engagement, emotion, and economics. In our second episode, we conclude the discussion on Stores of the Future 2.0 by attempting to decode what...

April’s in-store retail sales rise emphasises omni-channel significance, says Tryzens

The unpredictable British weather has helped retailers beat sales forecasts in April as sales volumes jumped 2.3% from March, highlighting the importance of brands...