As Peter Shankman said, “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing”. 

But how is it even possible without screaming about the features and benefits of our products? Research shows that the average time people spend on their phones is 3 hours and 15 minutes and people have access to their phones even in the bathrooms.

So, what if, instead of showing ads, let’s knock on their inboxes? 

john schnobrich yFbyvpEGHFQ unsplash

Here comes the email marketing in the picture. This blog will educate you about what email marketing is. How is it beneficial for your business? And how you can boost your brand’s engagement and eventually get sales by using it. 

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What is an Email Marketing Campaign? 

An email marketing campaign is a series of emails that are sent to a vast group of people at the same time. The purpose of doing so is to boost the brand’s awareness, get leads, generate sales, or notify people about current offers. 

A study reveals that nearly half of the global population uses emails, and there are more than 7.9 billion email accounts globally. Among this massive audience, a whopping 99% of email users regularly check their emails. So, it can be a great approach to target them by landing straight to their inbox. 

5 Unique Strategies to Sky Rocket Your Email Campaigns: 

Though email marketing holds great potential for advertising, it’s not just about sending a random email and getting sales. It’s about convincing your target audience that they are missing something very important if they do not click on the CTA button. But how to do so? So, here are the five mind-blowing strategies that will turn your recipients into your customers.   

  1. Add Personalization Element

Before sending an email, categorize your audience according to their purchase behaviours, interests, gender, and age, and then send the emails to every category accordingly. Furthermore, you can also personalize the content by suggesting products based on their past purchases. This will be a more centric approach and bring more results to the table.

Pro Tip! Make your content feel like a conversation instead of an education piece! 

  1. Signatures For Professionalism 

Adding your brand’s signature at the end of your email is a unique approach that depicts professionalism. It makes your customers feel like they are availing of service or making purchases from industry professionals. To add a signature, you just need a signature generator tool, and you can create your unique and compelling signature that can be added at the bottom of your emails. 

  1. Allow Social Sharing

One of the best marketing strategies that doesn’t even cost you a single penny is “word of mouth”. So, if the audience targeted by emails shares your brand’s social media handles on their platforms, you may get a lot of traffic. 

You can incorporate sharing buttons in your email campaigns. To encourage your audience to share your brand, you can announce some discount codes or entries to the giveaways. This will expand your brand’s reach and visibility. 

  1. Make the Emails Visually Appealing

“The better it looks, the more it sells”. It is an unsaid principle of marketing. So, if you want genuine results from your email campaigns, you just need to craft your emails in a compelling way. 

To do so, use eye-catching visuals and high-quality graphics. Moreover, always pay attention to detail, such as shades and image-text balance, which must align with your brand’s style. Moreover, the design should be compatible with all devices and screen sizes. 

  1. Add Interactive Elements 

The key to success in email marketing is to engage your audience with your content. You can do so by adding interactive elements such as images, carousels, quizzes, polls, or short surveys. 

In addition to this, your email must contain every element and the most crucial one is clickable CTA. Your goal is to bring traffic and convenience to your audience by already serving everything so that they don’t get distracted by any means and land straight on your landing page.   

4 Tools to Execute Results-Driven Marketing Campaigns: 

  1. MailChimp
  • User-friendly interface
  • Create and send emails to a vast audience
  • Integration of AI for automation
  • Multiple customizable email templates
  • A/B testing to analyze the performance
  • Provides detailed analytics of the performance of a campaign
  1. HubSpot
  • Allows personalization in email content by analyzing the content on CRM. 
  • Can generate personalized CTAs for every individual
  • Provides detailed reports on email performance
  • Diverse designs and templates library
  • Offers integration to CRM and various third-party applications
  • Smart content feature that changes the email content according to various factors such as location, device type, etc
  • A/B testing to compare the performance

3. Zoho Campaigns

  • Allows you to create visually appealing content with the help of its drag-and-drop feature
  • Diverse library of pre-designed templates
  • Offers audience segmentation feature
  • Can generate automated responses to emails
  • Automate the workflow for an effective email marketing funnel\
  • Allows you to track the performance by giving detailed insights into CTR, conversions, and bounce rate
  • Can integrate with various third-party applications, including e-commerce sites and social media platforms

4. Drip 

  • User-friendly drag-and-drop email builder 
  • A wide variety of [re-designed templates
  • Can write personalized emails according to the interactions, behaviours, and data 
  • Automated email marketing funnel
  • Give scores to leads depending on their interactions so that you can have a better understanding of potential and hot leads.
  • Tracks KPIs and provides detailed reports to optimize the campaign
  • Allows integration with a lot of third-party applications


So, if you also want to make the most of your every penny, email marketing is something you should look for. All you just need is to understand your audience and have a good understanding of major KPIs so that you can track, analyze, and tailor your campaigns and hit your objectives.