Mango has marked its entry into the digital world with the opening of its first store on Roblox, an immersive global platform. This move signifies Mango’s commitment to bridging the gap between the physical and virtual fashion worlds.

Located in the Roblox-based virtual Outfit Shopping Mall, Mango’s store offers users the opportunity to purchase exclusive Mango Teen digital garments and products for their avatars. This initiative is a testament to Mango’s strategy of fostering an ecosystem that provides varied experiences and services across multiple platforms.

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In collaboration with digital partner BrandNewVerse, Mango has become a key contributor to the Outfit Shopping Mall. This virtual shopping centre, set on a Mediterranean-themed island, is designed to replicate a realistic shopping experience in the digital realm. Mango’s presence on Roblox, a platform with a substantial user base of over 70 million daily active users, exemplifies its dedication to digital innovation and customer-centric experiences.

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The Mango store in Roblox is more than a shopping destination; it’s an interactive space for users. Echoing the New Med design concept of Mango’s physical stores, it features a Mediterranean aesthetic. Users on Roblox can explore and purchase items from Mango’s physical collections, try on garments, and interact with exclusive designs for the metaverse during special platform events.

Jordi Álex Moreno, Mango’s Director of Technology, Data, Privacy, and Security, comments on the launch: “As a global company, we want to respond to the needs of our customers in any moment, location or format. The arrival of Mango at Roblox represents a milestone because it will allow us to bring to this platform our passion for fashion, while strengthening our ecosystem of channels, by offering our customers differentiated products, services, and experiences”.

The Outfit Shopping Mall on Roblox is not just a place for shopping; it’s a social hub. It offers a unique environment where users can explore stores from physical brands, buy digital fashion items, and enjoy social experiences like ‘selfie-spot’ moments. This innovative step by Mango aligns with the growing trend of digital self-expression, addressing the consumer demand for digital versions of physical fashion items and exclusive digital-only products.

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