PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips professional displays and solutions, is excited to announce the latest advance in its direct view LED portfolio, with the highly anticipated launch of the new, lower energy, Philips In-Room LED 6300 Series. Using common cathode 4-in-one mini LEDs (also known as IMDs), these new dvLED displays support 12-bit colours and HDR10+ resolution, delivering crystal clear content with near perfect colour and brightness accuracy.

The stunning EMC Class B rated Philips In-Room LED 6300 Series (27BDL6395) is designed to support 24/7 environments where size and ​impact matter – including retail, corporate, houses of worship, control rooms, and even luxury homes. Hailed as PPDS’ finest dvLED to date, the new display brings its smallest pixel pitch together with the latest innovations in display technology, hardware design and dedicated software for seamless, more creative installations, and uncompromised visual experiences.

Philips L Line 6300 dvLED

Attention to detail

Teased at ISE 2023 in Barcelona, the Philips 6300 Series is an extension to the Philips 6000 Series (P1.2, P1.5 and P1.9), bringing a brand new 0.95 pixel pitch option to the family of 27” landscape panels, all with a native 16:9 resolution. The 6300 also sees the debut of 4-in-1 mini LED technology, sometimes called ‘cool LED’, bringing additional image quality over both short and long distances, together with reduced energy consumption, resulting in lower cost of ownership.

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Together with refresh rates of 3840Hz and low latency, with Philips 6300, users are always guaranteed a seamless, judder free, optimum viewing experience across installations sized 110”, 137” 165”, 220”, 275” and 330”.

Pitch perfect performance

Designed to stand out – from the smallest details on a spreadsheet or presentation, through to the multiple shades in a person’s eyes on a live surveillance feed – the Philips 6300 Series displays content and colour as they were intended.

Boasting among the highest levels of colour accuracy, deep black contrast and a brightness (up to 650 nits before calibration and 550 nits after calibration) uniformity of up to 97 per cent, the Philips 6300 is the first dvLED series from PPDS to support 12-bit colours and HDR10+ resolution, with better white balance and a more precise greyscale, even in low light environments. Extending performance beyond 4K, HDR10+ delivers a higher contrast between light and dark areas resulting in greater detail and clarity, with subtle nuances, even in very bright or dark scenes, clearly visible.

Jeroen Brants, Global Product Manager for Philips dvLED displays at PPDS, said: “One of the most common frustrations with digital displays, particularly LED, is the visual quality of the content that is being displayed shows. This could be the small detail on a spreadsheet, or some fantastical video, which may not be easily visible on the big screen. The colours and brightness may not quite be accurate, reducing the desired impact or, for presentations, the text may be barely readable or blurred, causing eye strain.

“At PPDS, we like to think beyond conventional limitations and, with the new Philips 6300, we’ve worked hard to ensure customers can achieve their installation ambitions. That means providing solutions that have the versatility and flexibility to suit their design and the environment, and, crucially, that what they’re displaying mirrors or even surpasses their own expectations.”

Reduced energy / Enhanced ROI

The Philips In-Room LED 6300 is an ideal solution for companies looking to enhance or achieve their sustainability goals and ambitions, becoming one of the most energy efficient dvLED solutions in the current market, with a range of industry-leading, power saving features, and designed using reducing energy consumption by an incredible 25 per cent compared to other, conventional dvLED models.

It is the first dvLED solution from PPDS designed using common cathode LEDs, providing customers with an instant reduction in power consumption – around 25 per cent compared to other, conventional dvLED models – and heat emissions. All great for both the environment and the business.

Helping to ensure optimum performance, the Philips 6300 also includes the company’s exclusive Active Health Monitoring, providing AV/IT managers with 24/7 visibility of displays, with any faults, including dead pixels, able to be detected, potentially even before they occur.

In addition, the Philips 6300 also benefits from dynamic and black screen power saving features, automatically and intelligently powering down when not in use. This helps to further reduce the total cost of ownership, while extending the life of each LED panel (typically 100,000 hours) for a greater return on investment.

Finally, as with all other Philips in-Room LED lines, the 6300 features PPDS’ sleek diecast aluminium casing to support optimal heat dissipation and reduce fire risks when compared to plastic.

Martijn van der Woude, VP Global Marketing and Business Development at PPDS, concluded: “At PPDS, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and responding to their needs. Our motto internally is to lead rather than to follow, and with these new Philips 6300 dvLED displays, we’ve brought together the best solutions to deliver a product that meets needs today and for the future, including high performance, finest vision, and an energy-conscious, sustainable focus.”

To learn more about PPDS, please visit the website here, or contact your local PPDS sales manager.