Advertima, the leading In-store Retail Media (Audience AI) specialist, and PADS4, the premier real-time in-store media content provider (CMS), have partnered on a scalable and cutting-edge ad-serving solution for digital signage networks in retail environments. This collaboration solves digital advertising’s existing constraints of real-time targeting, performance analytics, and accessibility.

Advertima’s visual-spatial sensors capture real-time anonymized audience data, transformed into specific pre-defined segments. This enables precise impression-based direct I/O and programmatic campaign delivery to target audiences, mirroring online capabilities. PADS4 and Advertima have developed a seamless integration that combines Advertima’s real-time audience data with PADS4’s real-time CMS ad-serving digital signage on a singular edge device.

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With both software applications integrated into the same hardware, PADS4 customers have unparalleled access to a cost-effective real-time solution that accelerates audience targeting, optimizes ad plays, and surpasses current AI-based audience measurement tools.

“We’re excited to partner with Advertima and provide our customers with an extremely advanced and streamlined way to target and serve the right ad to the right audience at the right time,” said Emmanuel Bonnargent, PADS4 Chief Commercial Officer. “Having one integrated hardware system helps our retail customers optimize their capex while improving campaign performance for their advertisers and driving better business results.”
Theo Schilter, Advertima’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, added: “Achieving this level of in-store media innovation alongside PADS4 is a major milestone that’s unmatched in retail environments.”

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This ground-breaking collaboration empowers retailers to:

  • Address real-time in-store shopper segments with targeted campaigns as they move in front of digital screens, including programmatic and I/O bookings
  • Improve energy consumption and resource management with a streamlined system that reduces hardware setups, space allocation, and operational costs
  • Access comprehensive performance analytics and actionable insights, helping maximize inventory and revenue opportunities
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The Advertima and PADS4 partnership creates one integrated system that replaces the separate CMS hardware, offering a scalable, audience-based digital signage solution. 

AV Integrators now have access to a seamless and reliable solution that can handle their complex needs, including:

  • Hard-wearing, dependable hardware with lower installation, running, and maintenance costs
  • Compatibility across diverse manufacturer components such as screens, media players, and controllers
  • Robust processing power to handle high-resolution content, especially for 4K or higher displays
  • Complete digital signage platform with real-time screen monitoring, web designer and easy-to-use CMS

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