Hobbycraft has confirmed plans to open seven new stores in 2025, following the recent opening of its fifth store of 2024 in Blackpool. This brings the total number of stores opened over the last four years to 26, highlighting the importance of physical retail space for the UK’s arts and crafts retailer.

While many retail businesses have shifted focus to online platforms, Hobbycraft regards its stores as vital hubs for its customers. The brand views arts and crafts shopping as an experiential activity rather than a simple transaction.

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Dominic Jordan, CEO of Hobbycraft, commented: “Our continued store roll out across the UK illustrates the importance we place in providing customers with a physical presence to gain the full art and craft experience. We want to build a communal space for crafters across the UK to build their passion for craft and enhance their creativity, with seven new stores scheduled to open in 2025 and further expansion thereafter.”

With each new store opening, Hobbycraft aims to create a community of makers through expert crafting colleagues, dedicated craft spaces, and customer experiences ranging from workshops to live demonstrations. Every new store will include a dedicated digital crafting space and a haberdashery area, allowing customers to test products before purchasing. This approach has led to a year-on-year rise in sales of stitching kits by 11% and fabric by the metre by 43%.

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Hobbycraft’s new stores also host regular workshop sessions led by store colleagues. These sessions provide opportunities for customers to master new crafts or refine existing skills, contributing to a 23% year-on-year increase in workshop sales.

The retailer sees its stores as platforms for showcasing creativity and enhancing crafting passions, both for customers and colleagues. Over the last three years, 325 new job roles have been created, with an additional 105 roles expected with the new store openings in 2025.

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Store colleagues have the opportunity to join Hobbycraft’s unique Artisan programme, which provides additional training in writing, presenting, social media usage, and business skills development. Artisan colleagues can pitch and produce products, help develop the workshop programme, and continue to deliver exceptional customer service.

While championing physical stores as part of its growth strategy, Hobbycraft ensures all new sites feature LED lighting and Building Energy Management Systems to reduce energy consumption. The company sources electricity from renewable energy and recycles or recovers 100% of internal waste from operations. Over half of all products in-store are now made with plastic-free packaging, with 28% having no packaging at all.