Cross-border shoppers from the international markets which purchase the most from UK brands and retailers are also among those with the highest concentration of omnichannel consumers, the latest Global Voices report from ESW shows.  The report highlights the need for British brands and retailers to implement unified commerce infrastructures to better meet the needs of cross-border shoppers, since international shoppers with the greatest spending power also index the highest when it comes to demand for omnichannel experiences. 

ESW’s research of more than 18,000 consumers across eighteen countries reveals omnichannel shoppers make more purchases and spend +15% more per year than those consumers who buy through a single channel.  And, of the global shoppers spending between $3,500 to $4,999 per year online, two thirds (66%) are omnichannel shoppers. 

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“As international consumers move seamlessly from one sales medium to another, successful brands and retailers need to move with them to meet and exceed their expectations at every step,” commented Martim Avillez Oliveira, Chief Revenue Officer, ESW. “However, establishing an omnichannel presence in international markets is more complex than just launching online – it requires an understanding of diverse customers and establishing infrastructure.  Yet the data shows failing to build omnichannel into cross-border expansion from the outset puts brands at a disadvantage and leaves untapped revenue on the table.”

Generationally, younger consumers are more likely to make omnichannel purchases, with Millennials leading the way.  58% of Millennials use multiple channels in their shopping journeys compared to 53% of their younger Gen Z counterparts, while 51% of Gen X and 46% of Baby Boomers opt for omnichannel.  Millennials are also the demographic driving global omnichannel growth, rising +22% YOY, followed by Gen X (+13% YOY). 

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Omnichannel shopping across categories also increased YOY, further highlighting the need to prioritise cross-channel customer expectations.  International shoppers were most likely to shop across multiple channels when purchasing consumer electronics (60%), followed by cosmetics (58%), hobbies, toys and games (58%), footwear (56%), clothing (55%) and luxury (49%).  Each product category saw a double-digit increase over last year with luxury (+36%) seeing the largest gains, followed by consumer electronics (+30%), cosmetics (+26%), footwear (+22%) and apparel (+19%).

To learn more, download the full report: Omnichannel Commerce: Creating Value for Your Brand and Your Customers.