Nespresso UK has ventured into the on-the-go coffee scene with the unveiling of a novel coffee shop model named ‘The Nespresso Bar’, strategically located in proximity to Liverpool Street station in the heart of London.

The choice of location underscores Nespresso’s premiere foray into the bustling on-the-go coffee domain, situated at the UK’s most frequented commuter nexus. The coffee culture in the capital is witnessing a vibrant growth, with coffee surpassing tea to become the nation’s preferred beverage in 2023.

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This initiative represents a significant strategy for Nespresso, known for offering consumers at-home portioned coffee systems, namely Vertuo and Original. With a considerable 80% of coffee enthusiasts frequenting a coffee shop at least weekly in the UK, and a staggering 12.8 billion cups of coffee consumed outside the home in the previous year, The Nespresso Bar introduces a novel avenue for coffee aficionados to connect with the brand.

At The Nespresso Bar, both commuters and local residents can savour Nespresso’s premier blends, extending the enjoyment of their favoured coffees beyond the confines of their homes.

Patrons of The Nespresso Bar will have the pleasure of indulging in these iconic Nespresso blends across a spectrum of hot and cold variants, encompassing latte, cappuccino, and americano.

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The Nespresso Bar aims to forge ties with the community residing, employed, or merely traversing through London’s quintessential business district. It offers a moment to relish an enhanced coffee experience, meticulously tailored to individual serving sizes and taste preferences. A featured community board will serve as a canvas for the latest happenings and prospects within the area.

This new model further echoes Nespresso’s commitment to community support, with a special board accentuating the most notable and upcoming activities, events, and initiatives at one of London’s community hubs.

Anna Lundstrom, CEO at Nespresso UK & ROI, commented, “The on-the-go coffee experience has become a fundamental element of the UK community, with 11 million of us patronising coffee shops nationwide every day. The Nespresso Bar offers an exhilarating chance to engage new customers uniquely; with a superior customer experience coupled with the delight of coffee exploration.”

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