The 2024 Visual Merchandising and Display Show, conducted on April 16-17 at the Business Design Centre in London, showcased developments in the retail design sector through an array of innovative designs and technologies.

The event featured a diverse assortment of products designed to expand the potential of physical retail spaces. The show floor, noted for its broad range of display items, included the latest advancements in mannequins, props, festive decorations, 3D designs, garment hangers, and more, all tailored to enhance the shopping environment.


Sustainability was a key focus, with many exhibitors demonstrating how eco-friendly materials can be incorporated into high-quality retail designs. Products such as sustainable textiles, eco-conscious mannequins, and green installations were highlighted as ways to create more environmentally responsible retail spaces.

The show also emphasised the significance of memorable in-store experiences. Exhibitors presented a variety of tools designed to cater to both aesthetic preferences and functional requirements, including bespoke surfaces and point-of-purchase displays aimed at capturing consumer attention and driving sales.

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The introduction of the POPAI Zone marked a significant addition to the show, featuring a series of seminars and workshops on topics such as shopper marketing essentials, sustainability in retail, and digital integration in physical stores. These sessions aimed to equip attendees with knowledge and strategies applicable to their businesses.

Additionally, the programme included educational seminars where industry leaders from established brands like Shark, Primark, and L’Oréal discussed the integration of sustainability and digital technologies in retail.

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The BDS Stand provided an interactive element where visitors could vote on window displays designed by students from the BDS Centre of Excellence colleges, celebrating the innovation of upcoming visual merchandisers. Hertford Regional College received notable recognition on the second day of the event.

The event offered a broad perspective on how retail environments can evolve to meet current consumer demands and highlighted the importance of physical retail spaces in providing immersive consumer experiences. It provided retailers with a range of ideas and tools aimed at enhancing customer engagement and operational effectiveness.

Looking forward, the VM and Display Show is scheduled to reconvene at the Business Design Centre on April 9-10, 2025, with promises of new exhibitors and further innovations in the field, continuing to support the evolution of the visual merchandising and retail design industry.