As the retail landscape evolves, refive is leading the charge in enhancing revenue and customer retention for brick-and-mortar stores. Join them at the Retail Technology Show at London’s Olympia on April 24 & 25, 2024, where they will demonstrate pioneering solutions designed to transform customer engagement. Visit their stand at #6H38 to explore the future of in-store interactions.

A New Approach to Customer Relationships for Brick-and-Mortar

Customer retention is fundamental to profitability, demanding deep, meaningful relationships with consumers. “This can be challenging in the case of in-store customers who might not be opted in to email newsletters or other communications. The result – retailers spend money re-acquiring the same customers repeatedly and lose margins on one-size-fits-all sales.” explains Mitul Jain, CEO of refive

To address this, their solution enables retailers to effortlessly gather in-store customer data via digital receipts and introduces new, low-commitment channels for engaging shoppers post-purchase. This approach not only enhances customer data collection but also enriches the shopping experience with personalised interactions.

refive Thoughtful Touchpoints

Smart Touchpoints: A Gateway to Enhanced Customer Insights

refive offers further smart touchpoints enabling retailers to:

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  • Understand customer behaviour and purchasing patterns.
  • Deliver customised recommendations.
  • Identify and react to emerging trends.
  • Elevate the overall shopping experience using actionable data.

These touchpoints require no extra effort from customers, such as downloading apps or completing registrations, and provide a frictionless, secure method to engage via simple QR code scans.

The data collected via their solutions is immediately accessible through the refive Customer Insights dashboard and can be integrated with various marketing and CRM tools, as well as other company databases or software systems. Compliant with GDPR guidelines, refive ensures that all customer data is collected with full consent and maintained with utmost privacy.

How a D2C Brand Uses refive to Connect with In-Store Customers

As Gusti Leather transitioned from online to physical stores, it faced the challenge of replicating its online customer engagement in a new retail setting. 

refive case study gusti leather Large

Leveraging refive’s digital receipt system, Gusti Leather was able to activate smart receipts through a static QR code at checkout, instantly engaging in-store customers on their mobile devices. Within months, the brand captured thousands of email opt-ins, unlocking a direct channel to re-engage customers, inviting them back into both online and physical stores with tailored content, updates, and offers.

In the words of Verena Teller, a Store Manager at Gusti Leather Berlin, Rosenthaler Platz, “The feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. They appreciate the simplicity, sustainability, and the chance to engage further with us.”

Join the Retail Revolution with refive

Recognised as one of the most influential retail startups in 2024, refive is reshaping in-store experiences across various retail sectors. To discuss how their solutions can enhance your customer engagement strategies and for a firsthand look at their cutting-edge technology, book an appointment with one of their solution consultants during the Retail Technology Show via their website at