The Perfume Shop, the UK’s largest fragrance retailer, has introduced and implemented new personalised website accessibility features to make online fragrance shopping more inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities.

Over 1 billion people are known to have an impairment that affects their ability to use the internet, yet over 70% of digital content is not accessible. Now customers with visual, hearing, physical, and cognitive needs can make multiple content, style, and navigation adjustments during their journey on The Perfume Shop website as they have partnered with CityMaaS.

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Partnering with CityMaaS, the new website function with the Assist Me Tool plug-in enables pre-set personalised assistance levels and accessibility enhancements to ensure customers can access and interact with the online website. Customers can use the accessibility toolbar for the configurations, depending on their individual needs if they have visual, hearing, physical, or cognitive impairments, to help them shop confidently for their favourite fragrances.

This includes examples such as content adjustments, like changing the word or letter spacing for those with dyslexia, and style adjustments, presets for assisting individuals who are suffering from hearing issues, showing transcripts for video assets, and also includes high saturation, dark and light contrast, and inverted colours for people with impaired sight or colour blindness. Changes can also be made to the navigation of the website where visitors can mute sounds, stop animations, and activate a highlight focus to help them concentrate on sections of text, which is helpful for people with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The enhanced shopping tool also allows customers to search terms and phrases unknown to them.

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The Perfume Shop’s commitment to accessibility reflects a broader trend in the retail industry towards inclusivity and customer-centric design. By implementing these features, The Perfume Shop is setting a standard for other retailers to follow, ensuring that all customers can enjoy a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience regardless of their individual needs.

The Perfume Shop’s new accessibility features are a significant step towards creating an inclusive online shopping environment. As digital accessibility becomes increasingly important, initiatives like these highlight the retailer’s dedication to providing high-quality service to all its customers.