Many small shops have an extremely limited storage area, sometimes not much bigger than a small bedroom! Because of this, storage can be problematic, especially if it’s impossible to keep sufficient stock on site for unexpected surges in foot traffic.

Actually, there are a few things you can do to maximise the space you have available so that it’s almost like having a mini warehouse at your disposal. Check out the following three tips.

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1. Cover the Walls with Pegboards

The first thing you might want to do is cover at least a couple walls with pegboards. You can easily insert hooks into the holes that have been pre-drilled into the boards for hanging any merchandise that comes on a hanger or in a bag with a cardstock label. Most have holes already punched in the label, so hanging these types of products will not be difficult. You can also find plastic bags in a huge assortment of sizes in which to put merchandise, and these can be hung as well. It is no exaggeration that you just might rid yourself of half the boxes you have stacked on the floor!

2. Stillages for Odd Shaped Products

Even if you had a large warehouse to store merchandise in, there are some products that are just oddly shaped. Packaging of this type is likely to tumble off shelves with the slightest touch. You might want to check out RollPallet UK stillages you can order online. These come in a variety of sizes but if space is at a premium, why not consider something like their Standard Pallet Retention Unit that can be stacked four high? RollPallet offers free delivery nationwide and also offers bulk discounts when applicable. The Standard Pallet Retention Unit mentioned above is ideal for storing those odd-shaped products in because the unit has a half drop gate for easy access. In fact, they can be collapsed for easy storage when not in use which makes it quite convenient for shops with limited storage space.

3. Modify Your Ordering of Stock

Although it isn’t always possible to forecast which products will move quickly and which will sit on the display floor for a period of time, you may want to scale down ordering inventory for a bit. If you have limited storage space, this would be advisable. Even with your pegboards and stillages, ordering more than you can move quickly could present a real challenge. The only reason you might not be able to order in lesser amounts might be losing bulk discounts. Other than that, if possible, order smaller amounts and keep a vigilant watch as products begin moving. At that point you can always restock.

Unless your business is growing to the point that you need more space, the only thing you can do at the moment is focus on creative ways to store and display the stock you have. Order in smaller amounts if at all possible, hang on pegboards, and stack higher with stillages to maximise floor space. Think of stackable stillages as high rises for product! In the end, it might just take a bit of organisation, but it can be done.