Opening a retail store is a tried and tested way to make money. You will need to plan ahead, and ensure you get your suppliers in order and have a regular stream of customers to help you find success.

However, there are some things that you may not foresee that can drastically affect your store’s sales. As such, here are three things that you should be prepared for when owning a retail store.

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Location is everything when it comes to business. You need to pick a spot that is easily accessible to your customers but also fits in nicely with the area where you operate. These two objectives are easy to accomplish; however, things change very quickly in the world of retail.

While it is important to look at the current location of your store, you also need to find out what is coming in the future. The British high street is constantly changing, and a new store or structure nearby could have huge consequences for your business. Make sure you research the development of the local area before you open your doors. You don’t want to have a large mega store opening up along the road eating into your sales.


Harsh snowfall can have consequences for any number of local businesses. It makes it difficult for people to get out and about, and it can even hinder access to your retail store for those that do make it out of the house. What’s more, your suppliers may have trouble making it to you if common entryways are blocked. 

However, you will still need to remain open to make ends meet, especially if you sell goods that can help people cope with the snow. Therefore, it is a good idea to get in contact with a gritting service. A local gritting company like Gritting Works can apply grit to the area around your private business to give your customers the access that they need so you don’t miss out on key business. The council can’t legally grit on private property, so make sure you have reliable gritting contractors on hand for when winter rolls in.


Certain events throughout the year will bring more customers to your door. Christmas time is the busiest period in the retail calendar, and failing to prepare properly could cost you some important business.

A sudden influx of customers can leave you feeling overwhelmed, and you may need to take additional measures. You can take on temporary staff to deal with the rush or monitor store attendance so that things don’t get too crowded. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t just the holidays that bring people out to the shops. You will notice a flood of extra customers whenever there is a big football match or local event, so try to make sure that you look ahead and prepare yourself adequately.


Planning ahead can you prepare you for most things within the business world. Make sure you put the right strategies in place, and you can benefit from some of the more unpredictable parts of retail.