Arçelik, one of Europe’s leading home appliances companies, announces a significant milestone in its ongoing commitment to sustainability. Through its innovative initiatives, in 2022 alone, the company utilized a total of 13,207 tons of recycled plastic in the production of its appliances.

The company has successfully recycled 192 million plastic bottles from ending up in landfill from 2017 to 2022. By using recycled PET bottles, the company has built sustainability and inventive resource solutions into its products such as its washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers and air conditioners.


Arçelik’s dedication to plastic saving extends beyond the recycling of waste PET bottles; the company with well-known brands such as Beko and Grundig has implemented a robust circular model that embraces the recycling of wider forms of plastic, namely industrial fishing nets and thread. These recycled materials have been incorporated into the plastic components of ovens, dishwashers, and washing machines, further reducing plastic waste. Since 2020, 26 tons of recycled fishing nets and 563 tons of recycled industrial thread have been used in these products.

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From 2014 to 2022, Arçelik has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by recycling 1.7 million Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) units in leading-edge recycling plants. By encouraging the replacement of older, inefficient appliances with newer more efficient products, Arçelik is able to encourage even greater water and energy savings. Additionally, WEEE recycling enables Arçelik to form a closed loop as waste from one appliance is used in the production of another, such as the dishwasher cutlery baskets of Arçelik’s own products are used in production of fan parts of dishwashers.

Arcelik Recycling Efforts
Arçelik recycling efforts

By adopting these initiatives, Arçelik helps contribute to setting an industry expectation for reducing plastic waste and preserving the environment through its supply chain and manufacturing activities.

Commenting on the progress made thus far, Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Arçelik, stated, “Striving for greater sustainability is a vision Arçelik continuously works towards and we’re always looking for ways to improve our progress and contribute more to climate conservation. Plastic pollution is this year’s World Environment Day theme, and an issue that we take very seriously. While we are proud of our achievements to date, we know there is a long journey ahead of us. We look forward to continuing to save, innovate and collaborate towards further innovation in plastic saving solutions to contribute to a better and cleaner world.”

Arçelik reaffirms its priorities and commitments regarding plastic pollution prevention. Developing product solutions that minimize plastic waste remains a high priority for the company, as it has done for many years. Building upon the achievements and recognitions received since 2019, such as the Sustainable Business Award Turkey, Arçelik is dedicated to further expanding its efforts in plastic saving. The company’s ambition by 2030 is to increase the recycled plastic content of its products to 40%.

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