Avery Dennison has launched atma.io, a new digital venture from the global Fortune 500 company that bridges physical and digital worlds. atma.io is a connected product cloud: an end-to-end platform capable of creating, assigning and managing unique digital identities for every physical item in the world.

atma.io completely reimagines how supply chains operate, how brands connect with individual consumers, and how global organizations can achieve their sustainability and transparency goals. Currently, atma.io manages over 10 billion unique items and adds over 50 new connected products to the platform every second.

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“Facing a clear need for item level visibility and the gap in the market, Avery Dennison saw a unique opportunity to stand up a new digital venture to pioneer an industry-leading end-to-end connected product cloud. It’s the expression of our Intelligent Labels vision: A platform that connects physical and digital worlds by assigning unique digital IDs to everyday items. With atma.io, Avery Dennison is now able to bridge both worlds by coupling our progressive family of digital triggers and labeling technologies with the power of data in our atma.io platform all the way to the “wafer” level,“ states Francisco Melo, vice president and general manager, Avery Dennison Smartrac.

Global sportswear brand adidas is utilizing the cloud-based platform for circularity and unique consumer-product interactions. “adidas integrated atma.io’s connected product cloud into our Infinite Play initiative to scale our ability to buy-back products and give them a second life,” said David Quass, global director, brand sustainability for adidas. “The program was the first of many use cases we will look to enable with atma.io and Avery Dennison to achieve our connected product vision and our sustainability goals.”

Designed to be open, easily integrated and highly flexible, atma.io will solve the ‘market pain’ of supply chains using different digital triggers on products, such as UHF RFID, NFC or even QR codes, by enabling all item-level events and product data to be connected in one end-to-end platform. The atma.io app store enables brands to tap into an ecosystem of applications to unlock every connected product use case imaginable, and developers and partners now have the ability to build on top of atma.io‘s end-to-end platform and unlock new channels for growth.

Businesses will benefit from the ability to ‘join up’ their supply chain as never before. Brands can accurately communicate how a product is made and can launch new business models like recommerce, peer-to-peer commerce, and direct-to-consumer. Consumers can check everything from product provenance and authenticity to details about care and content instructions for apparel items, obtain expiry and recall information for perishable products, and enjoy unique consumer experiences based on the specific context of each product interaction. Besides being chosen for multiple scaled implementations by global brands and retailers, atma.io is also being deployed for food supply chain traceability and developed for real-time temperature monitoring for individual COVID-19 vaccine vials.

Max Winograd, vice president, connected products, Avery Dennison Smartrac and co-founder of atma.io, adds: “The atma.io team has launched the connected product cloud purpose-built for today’s world of rapid disruption and digital transformation. Our north star is trust and a more sustainable and connected world. Our platform is designed for anyone to build on top of atma.io to enable every use case for connected products throughout every industry and every step of the value chain.”

The atma.io connected product cloud offers a wide-ranging portfolio of modules to unlock specific use cases to help achieve business objectives like consumer engagement, operational excellence, brand protection, and sustainability. atma.io is deployed globally and is now available through channel partners and ecosystem “app store” partners, and via all Avery Dennison business units.