EuroCIS 2024, held from 27 to 29 February in Düsseldorf, Germany, reaffirmed its status as a pivotal event for retail technology innovation, drawing 475 exhibitors from 41 countries and over 13,500 trade visitors from 95 countries. The fair served as a comprehensive platform for decision-makers to explore advancements in IT equipment for their companies​​.

The event showcased a broad spectrum of the latest trends in retail technology, from AI and smart store solutions to digital retail innovations. Notably, exhibitors expressed overwhelming satisfaction with the trade fair’s execution, praising the quality of discussions and the high degree of internationality among trade visitors​​.

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Key themes at the event included the integration of artificial intelligence in retail to enhance efficiency and the customer journey. For example, Bizerba highlighted their “Visual Intelligence in Retail” initiative, featuring AI-powered object recognition to streamline the checkout process. Similarly, GK Software SE focused on AI use cases that personalise customer interactions across all store touchpoints​​.

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Automation and self-service technologies were also central, with companies like GLORY and Diebold Nixdorf demonstrating solutions aimed at improving the customer journey and addressing current retail challenges like digitalisation and labour shortages. The emphasis was on creating efficient, competitive retail environments through innovative technology​​.

Furthermore, the event spotlighted customer-centric solutions addressing retail’s most significant challenges, such as omnichannel digitalisation, payment and logistics, and smart energy management. Sessions covered AI-based applications, including image recognition and dynamic pricing, underscoring the retail industry’s shift towards more connected, intelligent systems​​.

EuroCIS 2024 not only highlighted the technological advancements transforming the retail landscape but also provided a forward-looking view of how these innovations can lead to more personalised, efficient shopping experiences. With the next edition scheduled for 18 to 20 February 2025, the industry eagerly anticipates further breakthroughs in retail technology​