The brand is partnering with metaverse creation company Virtual Brand Group to build a fashion retail experience on Roblox. Called “Forever 21 Shop City,” the experience is designed to allow Roblox users to own and manage a personal virtual store.

With this step, Forever 21 is moving toward the completely integrated omni-channel “metaverse” that Meta (formerly Facebook) recently announced it is attempting to develop.

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In the virtual world of “Forever 21 Shop City,” customers will be able to buy and sell the retailer’s merchandise, including accessories and clothing, hire non-player characters (NPCs) as employees, and customise every aspect of their own store as they try to become the “top shop” in the experience. Forever 21 Shop City is being launched in collaboration with a number of popular Roblox content creators and influencers, who are creating exclusive items and personally designed stores for the experience.

“With Forever 21 Shop City, our goal is to expand how we engage with customers, extending our presence and product in new ways,” said Katrina Glusac, Chief Merchandising Officer at Forever 21. “We’re excited to provide a new space on Roblox where our fans can connect with their community and bring their own vision of Forever 21 to life.”