Givenchy Beauty and Doppelgänger, a consultancy specializing in virtual experiences, have launched a new project on Roblox, designed to capture the holiday season’s essence in a digital format. This initiative, titled ‘Festive Winter Escape’, offers an immersive virtual reality experience where visitors can explore a winter-themed digital landscape.

The setting of ‘Festive Winter Escape’ is a picturesque virtual world, where snow-covered paths and bright fairy lights create a festive atmosphere. An ice rink surrounded by Christmas trees leads visitors to a stylish chalet. Inside the chalet, visitors find make-up stations filled with Givenchy Beauty’s latest offerings.

Givenchy Festive Winter Escape 1

This interactive space allows visitors to experiment with a variety of cosmetic products on their avatars. Highlights include limited edition items from Givenchy’s 2023 Holiday Collection. Among these are new lipstick shades in the Le Rouge range, the Le 9.10 eyeshadow palettes, and the Prisme Libre Skin-Caring highlighter. Additionally, the chalet showcases dedicated areas for L’Interdit, Irresistible, and Gentleman, Givenchy’s fragrances.

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The virtual experience also offers unique opportunities for visitors to acquire exclusive items. Co-created earrings, inspired by the Holiday Collection’s lipsticks and designed by Bailey Drabek, a user-generated content creator, are available to win. Furthermore, participants have the chance to obtain a virtual rendition of the Voyou Bag. This marks the first collaborative UGC-design between the Beauty and Fashion Houses. The silver version of this handbag is obtainable by completing the newly launched Christmas Tree obstacle course, introduced in the second release of ‘Festive Winter Escape’ on December 4th. Additionally, visitors can find a hidden gifting code in the digital world, redeemable on Givenchy Beauty’s website.

Max Proctor, Managing Director at Doppelgänger, said: “Givenchy Beauty’s ‘Festive Winter Escape’ is another example of how Givenchy is disrupting the fashion and beauty industry to bring new, first-of-a-kind experiences to fans. It builds on the success of the Givenchy Beauty House which we produced and, together with creative studio Like Fire, launched on Roblox in June last year. Since its launch, Givenchy Beauty House has had over 10.7 million visitors. With the launch of the ‘Festive Winter Escape’, Givenchy can offer beauty fans worldwide an enhanced retail experience where they can enjoy the holiday season both in-store and online, while also engaging and attracting a new, digital-savvy generation of shoppers.”