Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024, hosted in the scenic Fira de Barcelona Gran Via, marked an unprecedented milestone in its 20-year history, attracting 73,891 verified attendees from 162 countries. This year’s event not only broke previous attendance records but also showcased an expansive 82,000 sqm exhibition space, the largest to date, featuring 1,408 exhibitors from around the globe.

The event was characterised by a significant 27% increase in attendance from the previous year, highlighting the AV and systems integration community’s growing interest and engagement. A particular highlight was the record-breaking single-day attendance of 51,617 visitors, underscoring the event’s widespread appeal and relevance.

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Record visitors at ISE 2024

ISE 2024 served as a testament to the industry’s commitment to innovation, with exhibitors presenting state-of-the-art solutions across advanced display technologies, immersive audio systems, smart automation, and collaborative communication tools. These offerings reflected the diverse array of products and services aiming to push technological boundaries and enhance user experiences. For retailers, the event highlighted numerous benefits, showcasing how the latest AV and digital signage solutions can transform retail spaces, improve customer engagement, and drive sales.

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Philips at ISE 2024: Reinventing Retail Spaces

At ISE 2024, Philips, in collaboration with PPDS, underscored its commitment to innovation and sustainability with its futuristic displays. The exhibition space, divided into several digitally activated zones, allowed visitors to experience firsthand Philips solutions designed for both business and home office settings. Among the highlights were the 34″ curved WQHD monitor, equipped with advanced features for clear communication and energy savings, and the Philips 272B1G, a testament to the brand’s dedication to energy-efficient solutions​​​​. Philips’ display innovations, tailored for various applications including retail, education, and corporate sectors, demonstrated a strong focus on enhancing user experiences through sustainable technology​​.

Sharp NEC at ISE 2024: Pioneering Sustainable Display Technology

Sharp NEC Display Solutions spotlighted its sustainable and advanced display solutions, focusing on energy efficiency and collaborative advancements within the retail sector. Introducing a new range of Large Format Displays, alongside the latest generation of Chip-on-Board (CoB) direct view LED (dvLED) technology, emphasized Sharp NEC’s efforts in reducing energy consumption and promoting sustainability. The showcase also featured the third generation dvLED FE Series with Flip-Chip SMD technology, heralding a new era of durable and energy-efficient display solutions​.

Samsung at ISE 2024: Revolutionising Connectivity and Business Efficiency

Samsung’s presentation highlighted the advancement of business connectivity through its SmartThings platform for B2B displays, introducing the SmartThings AI Energy Mode for efficient asset management. An interactive display, certified by Google’s Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement and powered by Android 13, showcased Samsung’s commitment to revolutionising educational experiences through technology.

Epson at ISE 2024: Enhancing Visual Communication and Retail Experiences

Epson showcased its commitment to advancing visual communication technology with innovative projection solutions aimed at the retail, leisure, and cultural sectors. Epson’s projection technologies are designed to create engaging environments that elevate the retail experience.

Peerless-AV at ISE 2024: Dynamic Display Solutions and Networking Events

Peerless-AV introduced new products, including custom dvLED video wall structures and outdoor Xtreme™ High Bright Outdoor Displays, alongside innovative mobile trolleys designed for versatile display deployment. The Peerless-AV’s AV party at the Duvet Club in Barcelona became a distinguished networking event, celebrated for its vibrant atmosphere.

Sony at ISE 2024: Pioneering Connected Experiences and Sustainable Solutions

Sony focused on creating connected experiences across various sectors, with a keen focus on sustainability. Key highlights included the debut of the 150” VERONA series and the comprehensive BRAVIA Professional Displays range, showcasing Sony’s innovative approach to retail and educational environments.

LG at ISE 2024: Showcasing Comprehensive Display Solutions and Security Innovations

LG unveiled an extensive range of display solutions tailored for retail, corporate, education, and hospitality sectors. The MAGNIT lineup of micro LED displays and Transparent OLED technology emphasized LG’s dedication to delivering secure, cutting-edge solutions.

ISE 2024 set a precedent for future innovations in the AV and systems integration sectors, promising an even more dynamic ISE 2025 in Barcelona. The advancements showcased offer a glimpse into the future of retail technology, highlighting the role of digital signage, AI, and cloud solutions in creating immersive and personalised shopping experiences.

The event also featured an exceptional educational component, with conference sessions, workshops, and keynote presentations from notable figures such as multi-Academy Award-winning director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, and digital artists Jeroen van der Most and Sofia Crespo. These sessions provided valuable insights into emerging trends, market dynamics, and technological breakthroughs, emphasizing topics like artificial intelligence in AV, sustainable design, and the future of remote collaboration.

BB8A6563 Celebrating its 20th anniversary, ISE 2024 included special commemorative events and installations, such as the ISE Time Tunnel and Vintage Audio Museum. These additions not only created a sense of nostalgia but also highlighted the industry’s resilience and adaptability over two decades of technological evolution.

Looking forward to ISE 2025, the event promises to continue its legacy as a global platform for industry professionals, fostering an environment of creativity, collaboration, and innovation. As the AV and systems integration community anticipates next year’s gathering, ISE remains a beacon for showcasing the latest advancements and connecting like-minded professionals from across the world.


ISE is set to return to Barcelona from February 4-7, 2025, promising more opportunities for exploration, learning, and networking within the ever-evolving domain of AV technology.


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