In an era where digitalisation allows consumers to order anything at any time, Just Eat is stepping up its game.

The company is continually evolving its technology to meet the growing consumer demand for convenience, choice, and a seamless experience.

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Just Eat app

AI-Powered Assistant

As part of its tech-driven initiatives, Just Eat is developing an AI-powered assistant aimed at enhancing everyday convenience. In its initial test phase, consumers who opt-in can use this assistant to build and customise their orders via text and voice commands. The company has plans to further develop this feature by offering advanced personalisation, such as recommending new partners and providing regular order updates. The assistant will first be tested with consumers in the UK, with plans for a global rollout and multilingual support in the coming months.

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Robot Deliveries

In addition to the AI assistant, Just Eat is also experimenting with various forms of robotic deliveries. In the United States, its subsidiary Grubhub offers robot deliveries to campus partners at universities. In Poland, has piloted robot deliveries for consumers in Warsaw. The company has also conducted drone delivery trials in Ireland and the Netherlands to expedite local deliveries.

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Tech for Good

Earlier this year, Just Eat’s Canadian team launched the “Do Good Deal” pilot program aimed at minimizing food waste. Through this initiative, selected restaurant partners can offer end-of-day discounts on unsold menu items that would otherwise be wasted. The company is now looking to expand this pilot within Europe.

“We know we have a real opportunity through the use of our tech to support both our partners and consumers,” the company stated. “We are forever exploring new technologies from using robotics technology and testing new features to always be ahead of what’s coming next. Overall, this will help the business in driving an enhanced experience for consumers and partners across the world.”

The company’s focus on technology and innovation aligns with the broader trend of digitalisation in the food delivery sector. According to a recent report, the global online food delivery market is expected to grow significantly, further emphasizing the importance of technological advancements in this space.

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