Black Friday is the ultimate shopping exhibition that millions of people look forward to every year. It is the unofficial start of getting stuff for the holidays to the following year.

It can be challenging to make sense of the hundreds of offers and products on offer from various providers. That’s why you have this guide to help you get the best deals on Black Friday, learn about the best times to start looking and explore the option of buying refurbished items to save money.

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When is Black Friday?

The first question that comes to mind when one thinks of shopping is, “When is Black Friday?” The day falls on the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. The holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and marks one of the busiest shopping periods of the year. Many countries and cultures have joined in on the global shopping extravaganza. This year, Black Friday is on the 24th of November, and you should mark your calendars accordingly.

The Shopping Season

Black Friday does not last for one day. The shopping spree goes on before and after the main event. Many retailers have deals for their clients days or even weeks in advance. Shoppers should look out for early deals on commodities. The shopping season also extends after the real sale into Cyber Monday, which offers multiple online discounts.

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Tips for Shopping Wisely

Plan Ahead: You will never go wrong with picking up your pen and listing items you want from the sale. Prioritize this list so you know what should be the most urgent purchase down the list. Planning effectively will also stamp out impulse buys and help you remain within the budget.

Retailer Newsletters: Most retailers send out exclusive offers and discounts to their email subscribers before the shopping day. Customers with access to these newsletters get the earliest and often the best deals from the available promotions.

Research: Before Black Friday, start looking up the products you may be interested in. You could consider comparing reviews, prices, and specifications across various providers. Effective research will give you the advantage of making informed decisions as soon as the deals go live.

Best Times to Look:

Here are some general guidelines to check Black Friday deals.

  • Some retailers offer deals starting in the first weeks of November.
  • You could get deals on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Watch out for discounts and offers at midnight on Black Friday, such as doorbuster deals.

Consider Buying Refurbished

With your list and budget, you will most likely look to save money and make more purchases throughout the Black Friday sale period. Buying refurbished products is a great way to reduce purchase costs while still getting fully functional products. You will enjoy multiple perks when you go refurbished instead of brand new. Refurbished items are often sold at a lower price, making them a good option for those on a budget. These products are also tested and taken through rigorous trials to ensure they work properly. You will get a product with the satisfaction that it works and functions as it was designed. Some shoppers often want access to older models for their specific functions. Going refurbished is the ideal way to get these products at an affordable price. If something goes wrong after purchasing your product, you have peace of mind with the functional warranties on the refurbished products. Buying refurbished items also means being environmentally conscious as the purchases reduce electronic waste and keep them off landfills.


Mark the 24th of November, 2023, on your calendar as you brace yourself for the biggest shopping extravaganza of the year. Many retailers have deals and promotions for buyers worldwide on and before Black Friday. Shoppers can always take advantage of the discounts to get what they need and remain within their budgets. The aim should be to make wise decisions and make the most value of your hard-earned money throughout the year.

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