MAPIC 2024, scheduled to take place in Cannes from 26 to 28 November, will address key topics aimed at helping the retail sector navigate growth in a changing world. The event will feature over 5,000 participants, including 1,600 brands from around the globe, and will focus on the evolving dynamics of retail through innovation and mixed-use developments.

Among the core themes of MAPIC 2024 is the emphasis on creating memorable customer experiences within physical retail spaces. New retail projects must be diverse and multifunctional, integrating product testing, sales, repairs, second-hand goods, and immersive experiences to retain and attract customers.

MAPIC 2024 external image of exhibition hall

Mixed-Use Real Estate Projects

The role of commercial real estate in enhancing urban quality of life will be a significant focus. MAPIC will showcase major mixed-use projects such as Battersea Power Station (London), Galataport (Turkey), Entrecampos (Lisbon), WaltherPark (Bolzano), and Canopia (Bordeaux). These projects highlight the foundational role of commerce in creating vibrant city spaces.

Emerging and Expanding Brands at MAPIC 2024

This year, MAPIC is introducing the Observatory of Cross Border Retail, a guide identifying new international retail concepts entering Europe. These emerging brands will be featured at the exhibition through a photo gallery and pitch sessions, emphasizing MAPIC’s role as a connector between brands and commercial space managers.

Discover the Creative Retail Awards 

The Creative Retail Awards are much more than a mere accolade; they represent the pinnacle of achievement in the retail industry. Garnering a nomination or winning one of these awards is a testament to innovation, excellence, and leadership.


The MAPIC Academy, launched last year, will continue to provide visibility and support for brands looking to grow. Equipped with a mentorship programme, a €10,000 prize, and a six-month pop-up in a Nhood centre, the 2023 edition helped brands like World of Pop gain significant attention and accelerate their openings. The 2024 edition will again be supported by Nhood, with Ingka Centres joining this year.

Leisure and Dining Innovations

Through LeisurUp, MAPIC will demonstrate how leisure enhances the brand experience. The exhibition space dedicated to leisure has been redesigned to focus on brand licences and immersive experiences. Conference sessions will explore how leisure venues use cultural, artistic, and musical events to create synergies and maintain vibrant spaces throughout the day.

The dining sector, a crucial part of the customer experience, will be highlighted at The Happetite Forum. The forum will showcase successful dining concepts, particularly those with international and cross-border appeal.

Advances in Innovation, AI, and Sustainability

Technology, especially artificial intelligence (AI), plays a crucial role in the new retail equation. MAPIC will feature two conference sessions dedicated to digital innovations that enhance customer knowledge and service. The MAPIC Awards will include a new category focused on AI, examining how retail players have adopted this technology.

Sustainability is another key theme, with stricter legislation and increasing customer expectations driving the need for sustainable practices. The expanded Sustainability Lab area will bring together more ESG experts to help participants address their environmental challenges.

Francesco Pupillo, Director of MAPIC, explained: “Retail, real estate, leisure, and hospitality players must constantly demonstrate agility to solve the ‘new retail equation’ imposed on them. In 2024, MAPIC’s innovations will highlight sector evolutions and make the exhibition a must-attend event for creating and accelerating connections among all stakeholders in the global retail ecosystem.”