The Web 3.0, Metaverse, and Cryptocurrency.

Besides being a hot tech buzzword, what else do they have in common? According to Motley Fool, both Cryptocurrency and Metaverse are intertwined with each other. And, they’ll soon become a part of Web 3.0 – a decentralised web controlled by us, the regular users.

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However, now, you may have a question. 

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In terms of structure and technology, both Crypto and Metaverse are pretty different. So, how are they going to be “intertwined,” per se? Well, although they’re rather distinct in nature, they’ll heavily rely on each other at some point. Please keep reading to learn more about it.

Blockchain, Crypto, And Metaverse – The Holy Trinity!

Let’s begin our journey from the base tech that’s common in both Crypto and the Metaverse – blockchain. It, in essence, is a public digital ledger that was initially designed and created by Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s creator. 

It’s used to record transaction data in a peer-to-peer network. There’s no need to wait for an intermediary to do anything anymore. It, in turn, can reduce the cost of your transactions and ensure that the whole process is going off smoothly.

How Will Crypto Be Used In The Metaverse?

Since the introduction of Metaverse, it has taken the tech world by storm. People are getting less interested in the real world and more involved in the virtual universe. After all, it’s kind of nothing like what we usually see out there. It’s a separate universe of its own accord.

In any case, Cryptocurrency has already become a part of the Metaverse. For example, it’s now being used in the games you play within the virtual world.

You can use a Crypto exchange platform like bitcoin code, and purchase whatever you want from there. In some cases, it might be possible for you to earn Cryptocurrency for free too. And, funnily enough, you can purchase a virtual land with it as well.

However, earning Crypto in Metaverse is quite a task, in our opinion. It needs to be polished a little bit more before we can consider it as a viable source of income.

Nonetheless, the application of Crypto doesn’t end with buying virtual stuff at all. In addition to it, you can also purchase a clothing item with it even without going to the shop. 

What about finding the right match, though?

Well, it’s Metaverse, and you can try everything here virtually before buying it from the shop. So, no matter what happens, you’ll always find the right fit for you.

The same goes for reviewing a house remodel, furniture creation, or something as similar in accordance with your choice. It’s THAT easy!

Metaverse And Crypto Coins

As mentioned before, you can earn Cryptocurrency from within the Metaverse too. Here are a few projects that offer the best possible example in this aspect.

Option – 1: The Sandbox

It’s a user-created virtual world where you can curate and sell digital content to another user. The in-game currency of the project is SAND, which can be earned and bought by providing real-life currency. You can use it to purchase a build, an accessory, or a virtual land.

Option – 2: Decentraland

In Decentraland, you can use its personalised Cryptocurrency, MANA, to obtain land within the game. You can earn the same by developing games and selling them or renting your space to someone else. The game is controlled and overviewed by Decentraland DAO.

Option – 3: Axie Infinity

In terms of gameplay and management, Axie Infinity is almost like the Pokemon Franchise of Nintendo. In this game, you’ll need to collect fantasy monsters, train them, and then use them to battle against each other. The token of this game is known as Axies and can be earned too.

The Bottom Line!

If we’re being honest, the prospect of Cryptocurrency in the market seems pretty high. And it will keep on growing as long as blockchain technology is there in the market. So, we’d ask you to embrace this chance with your arms and try to earn as much Crypto as possible. You’ll need it in the future. So, why don’t you start working towards the same from now on?