Pepe Jeans is one of the world’s most iconic denim fashion brands. It started in London’s iconic Portobello Road in 1973, before becoming a part of the global fashion group AWWG.

Today, 50 years on, the brand remains true to its original mantra and its promise to create the world’s most exciting denim fashion. The brand’s personality is defined by the diversity and mix of cultures that characterise its London roots and inspires its women’s, men’s, and junior collections.

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pepe jeans

To ensure Pepe Jeans remains relevant to modern shoppers, while maintaining the authenticity of its fashion, culture and musical roots, Mood Media was recently tasked with reimagining its in-store customer experience.

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The brief was to mirror the constant reinvention that goes into its denim ware by providing an in-store atmosphere that exudes the spirit of its British origins.



Custom Music

When you hear the word London, capital of the UK, one of the first thoughts conjured up is its legendary music scene. Pepe Jeans has always been closely associated with the cultural diversity and richness of the city.

With music at the heart of the brand, it was important for Mood Media’s professional music supervisors to work in close collaboration with Pepe Jeans. The result is an in-store music program that showcases not only the brand’s roots but its on-going, progressive dynamism.

Such a commitment to audio entertainment would be underplayed if the in-store musical entertainment were relayed over a poor-quality system. So, the new brand-enhancing musical direction is enriched by Mood Media equipping the latest Pepe Jeans stores with the latest, high-quality, and strategically designed sound systems.

Screen and Digital Content

Of course, music is only one aspect of a pleasurable customer experience, the visual appeal of a store has to be just right to encourage repeat visits. To meet this objective, Mood Media has equipped new stores with digital screens that catch the eye of the customer while also guiding them to what is available in the Pepe Jeans range.

The digital content on screen and the music being played in-store can be controlled via Mood’s proprietary brand experience platform, Mood Harmony. It empowers Mood’s music and content specialists to schedule any custom playlists and visual content for all Pepe Jeans stores around the world.

Emphasising the importance of getting the in-store experience right in stores, Mood Media’s Charting In-Store Trends 2022 report found that more than four in five shoppers (84%), will return to a store that creates the right atmosphere. More than half also (Germany 61/%, US 57%) agree that music is the top contributor to getting ambience just right whilst more than a quarter (26%) further revealed that in-store digital content plays a role in making them want to buy something and would also encourage more than one in five (21%) to stay in a store for longer.


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