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What 62 Million user sessions reveal about 2018’s Halloween browsing habits

Data experts worked their sorcery on 62 million shopping sessions over a three month period to better understand how consumers are browsing for Halloween...

Will UX analytics tools mean the end of A/B testing?

With most savvy ecommerce brands now using UX analytics solutions to augment their testing tools to determine what areas are most in need of...

ContentSquare Launches Augmented Reality Tool for Brands Seeking Instant Digital Customer...

Continuing to provide marketers and brands with deeper analytics and insights into how and why online users do what they do, ContentSquare, a digital experience...

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Disrupting physical: Who needs a store?

Only a few months ago, I was discussing the longevity of the high street with an e-commerce director at a luxury furniture retailer. Recalling...


The Interview – Juventus F.C.

Juventus FC's head of brand, licensing and retail Silvio Vigato talks to The Retail Exchange host Ben Bland about managing retail challenges at one of the world’s...

Mall Overhaul

The Interview – Rockar