Marketing is a complicated process that stems from branding and social media platforms to billboards and digital performance. The aim of marketing is to bring your offering to its targeted customer base and generate brand loyalty. You can focus on one strategy or a combination of approaches. Either way, marketing will undoubtedly take up a huge chunk of your overall budget. 

If you plan a smart and effective marketing strategy, the benefits should outweigh the costs. However, if you make a bad call, you may struggle to fund another marketing approach. Marketing comes with high stakes and high rewards. A secured business loan can help you fund your marketing department and push your brand towards success.

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Let’s take a closer look at where you could invest your marketing budget to support you on your quest for profit.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO, is a key digital marketing technique. When a customer searches a keyword related to your product or company, your website should appear on the results page. SEO can help your website to rank more effectively on search engine listings, meaning more customers are likely to find your website and potentially purchase your products. 

Content writing

Content marketing attracts new customers and retains existing ones. A good content writer catches the reader’s attention and pushes them down the sales funnel. The reader will click on the link to your product and, hopefully, buy it. Content is used to reach more readers and showcase what your product is all about. 

You also need to think about all of the writing on your website, social media and packaging. Some brands use a playful copywriting style to engage with their customers and start a conversation. They may use pop culture references, hashtags and a conversational tone to connect with the reader. 

Social media marketing

Social media marketing has grown exponentially in recent years. Brands use social media to promote their product, reach new customers and develop their brand identity. Influencer marketing is particularly popular these days. Celebrities and bloggers work with brands to share a product or new launch with their followers. Businesses can also set up their own social media accounts to promote new developments in their line. Some companies like to introduce their team members on social media – while others stick to product promotion. 

Email marketing 

If you sign up for a brand’s newsletter or make an account, they will always ask for your email. Before you know it, there are several emails in your inbox about discounts and sale launch dates. Email marketing helps to retain existing customers and keep them coming back for more. You might have forgotten about a brand until they pop into your inbox again. Email marketing is highly effective, especially around Black Friday and Boxing Day sales. Some email marketing strategies show you items left in your virtual basket or on your wish list. 

Create an outstanding marketing strategy this year, and make your brand shine.