Running a retail business is probably more challenging than ever before. To keep your business up and running, you will have to keep up with ever-changing customer needs. All of this while attracting new customers and dealing with unexpected events like pandemics. Otherwise, your retail business won’t last for long. 

As the owner of a retail business, it’s also important to consider the safety of your customers and employees. Whether they’re inside your shop or the parking lot, if your customers feel their safety is compromised, they will not return. Parking access control can make all the difference to keeping your premises safe.

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Things like a gate access control system can greatly help in ensuring the safety of your parking lot. We will talk about this in detail later in this article, but we’ll start be defining what parking access control systems are.

Parking Access Control Systems 

Parking access control systems are designed to prevent unauthorized vehicles or individuals from entering the parking area. Depending on the type of system, they can have a range of handy features. However, the main components are an access control reader and a gate access control system. 

How Does an Access Control Reader Work?

An access control reader is a device that assesses credentials to check whether a vehicle or person is authorized to enter the parking lot. This technology is mostly useful if you have a separate parking space for your staff and wholesale suppliers. Having a separate parking space is great for your retail business  and can greatly benefit your staff members, as they’ll be able to park in a more private and secure place and will always have somewhere to park. 

To achieve this all you’ll need to do is set up a key card reader or biometric fingerprint reader which will check your staff and suppliers’ credentials. If the given credentials are correct, the system will open the gate. You could also issue a key card or proximity card to your regular customers. This will also help to build stronger relationships between you and your customers and help them to feel more safe. 

How Does a Gate Access Control System Work?

An access control reader and gate access control system work in tandem. After your customers, suppliers, or staff members successfully enter their credentials into the system, the gate will open automatically. This automated gate system will enhance the security of your retail business,  and with different access control readers, you can make your place even more secure.

What do we mean by different access control readers?

In the above section, we mentioned a couple of access control readers. However, there are four common access control readers you should know about:

  • Keypads: Visitors have to insert a PIN to enter your parking lot. 
  • Proximity Cards: There is no PIN in this system. Customers need to hold their card within the range of the reader. 
  • RFID Systems: This system can identify the vehicle at a long range. It scans the previously-installed tag on the vehicle.
  • ANPR Systems: This is a highly advanced system that can read a vehicle’s number plate and determine whether to give that vehicle access to the parking lot. 

These readers come with various customizations, and each has its own benefits. 

Benefits of a Having a Parking Access Control System

For retail businessesaving a parking access control system can be beneficial in a number of ways.

Advanced Technology

In particular, systems like RFID and ANPR use advanced technology, helping to keep your premises, staff, and customers secure. Similarly, your customers will feel safer and enjoy the easy-to-use technology. 

Higher Protection 

Using a parking access control system will give your business much-needed security. In an unprotected parking lot, customers’ vehicles can get damaged, or in a worst-case scenario, they might get stolen. You can prevent this by keeping unauthorised people out of the parking area. 

Here are some common security risks in parking lots that you need to manage:

  • Vehicle damage
  • Violence and assault
  • Property damage and vandalism
  • Automobile and car theft

It Makes Life Easy for your Customers

When you don’t have an access control system in your parking lot, customers may be hesitatant to park their vehicle there and may choose to park elsewhere. This could be an issue for your business, as it could keep your customers away and they may end up shopping somewhere else. On the other hand, secure, user-friendly parking on site will keep your customers coming back.

You’ll Have More Time for your Customers

Do you want to keep your customers inside your store for longer? Of course you do. The longer your customers spend inside your shop, the more they will buy. When you have a secure parking lot, customers will stay in your shop longer because they feel comfortable that their vehicles are safe. 

An access control system for you parking lot can deliver a range of benefits for your retail business. Having a gate access control system will protect your staff and customers and help to encourage more sales.