Yodel has recently declared an extension of its collaboration with Vinted, the online marketplace. This enhanced alliance, solidified through a multi-year contract, foresees a notable escalation in the number of parcels managed by Yodel, an independent carrier.

Under this agreement, the volume of parcels from Vinted expected to be processed by Yodel will see a considerable increase. These parcels will predominantly be routed to over 6,000 Yodel-serviced outlets across the nation. This distribution will be facilitated through Yodel’s association with PayPoint and its Collect+ network.

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The decision to expand the partnership comes in the wake of Vinted’s burgeoning popularity in the UK. Over the past year and a half, the platform has witnessed its transaction numbers multiply by seven times, a trend driven by a shift in consumer behaviour. Increasingly, individuals are turning away from fast fashion, opting for more eco-friendly choices and seeking additional sources of income.

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The rise in consumer preference for online marketplaces has consequently led to a boost in Yodel’s Consumer to Consumer (C2C) parcel volumes, especially through its Yodel Direct service. This increase aligns with the company’s growing Out of Home (OOH) logistics model. Yodel has reported a 162% rise in C2C parcel volumes and has made substantial investments in its OOH technology. These advancements are aimed at offering scalable and environmentally friendly logistics solutions in response to evolving consumer demands for convenience in delivery services.

Yodel’s extensive OOH network, established in collaboration with PayPoint, spans the entire UK. It boasts that 36.7 million people reside within one kilometre of a Yodel-affiliated store. These stores, located in diverse settings including universities, petrol stations, and local convenience stores, offer widespread accessibility. PayPoint has also enhanced the consumer experience by implementing technology across its Collect+ network, enabling label printing in all stores and achieving high customer satisfaction levels.

Vinted offers its users two primary delivery options through Yodel: Store to Store and Store to Door. These services provide flexibility, allowing sellers to either drop off parcels at a nearby store for recipient collection or opt for direct delivery to the recipient’s address. Once a parcel is deposited at a store, customers can track their orders live via Yodel’s website or mobile application.

Mike Hancox, CEO of Yodel, expressed enthusiasm about the expanded partnership with Vinted. He highlighted the growing popularity of pre-loved fashion and Yodel’s commitment to supporting local storekeepers through increased parcel volumes. Hancox also noted the high customer rating for Yodel’s OOH network, emphasizing its success and future potential.

Vytautas Atkocatis, Vice President at Vinted Go, remarked on the significant growth of their marketplace, attributing it to heightened environmental awareness and the pursuit of additional income avenues by consumers. He commended the effectiveness of Yodel’s delivery and tracking solutions in managing existing volumes and looked forward to the partnership’s future prospects.

Nick Wiles, CEO of PayPoint, expressed satisfaction with Collect+’s role in the expanded partnership. He noted the ongoing consumer shift towards OOH and greener delivery options, underscoring the opportunity this presents for their retailer partners to better serve community needs. Wiles reaffirmed PayPoint’s commitment to further invest in in-store consumer experiences, technology, and operational support for retailer partners, highlighting the growth potential in this segment.

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