Artificial intelligence was the future. But the future is here now, and AI already plays a role across multiple industries and homes in this day and age.

We look specifically at the event management industry and how AI is being integrated. 

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What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)? 

It may come as a surprise to know that you have engaged directly with artificial intelligence. If you have encountered the famous chatbots or virtual assistants, Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa, you have interacted with AI. 

AI is a smart machine or form of technology that can function similarly to human intelligence. It is able to learn and adapt to new inputs. For example, it can understand different people with varied accents, and become better at it all the time. This is known as machine learning. The AI machine can respond to questions. Chatbots are often used on websites to deal with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Targeted Marketing 

The intersection between big data and AI allows event planners to send group-specific information on forthcoming events to the people who would most want to attend, from exhibitors to attendees. These resources are also used by digital marketers to tailor social media strategies and marketing campaigns to customer segments that have been identified from huge datasets. With AI machine learning, knowledge of the customer becomes ever more refined. 

Facial Recognition

Handling security at a huge event can be a nightmare. You want people to move through checkpoints as smoothly and swiftly as possible while being able to refuse entry to certain groups or individuals (for example, minors). At these multiple checkpoints, AI machines can be deployed to identify attendees. They can also print out stickers with the person’s name. There may be different coloured stickers restricting the crowds to the main areas and permitting some, e.g. sound engineers, backstage. 


We have already seen the value of chatbots when it comes to answering FAQs. The provision of event apps can provide attendees with a host of services. For example, an app can direct a person to a specific location, such as the food court or nearest bathroom. This will be done by accessing location information about where the individual is in relation to the desired service. The chatbot can provide directions in real-time until the person reaches their destination. It will be able to respond with speech and conduct a conversation. Event chatbots can translate from one language to another and recommend specific exhibitions based on a person’s preferences and interests. 

Event Managers And AI 

More and more event management teams will need to incorporate AI into their models to stay competitive. When you have been made responsible for event management, you should consider going with a professional event management service provider, such as Number 8. Event management of Number 8 Events includes Live Event Production, Infection Mitigation Control, AV Hire, and Health and Safety, to name a few. 

AI will become as normal to us in the coming years as the internet is now.