With Christmas just a few weeks down the line, it’s high time you started planning out your shopping list to avoid having to deal with last minute presents or even worse, actually forgetting to get someone a gift! Shopping can be monotonous and hard, especially when you’ve been buying Christmas presents for over a decade, and maybe even more! To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of the newest, most unique gifts this season, so your gift is bound to stand out from the rest! Whether you’re shopping for a friend, colleague, or family member, you’ll be able to find something for them right here. Happy shopping!

Home decor

There’s an actual reason behind why you’ll never not be able to get someone a home decor present that they won’t love. It’s because like fashion, interior decor is also moving pretty fast off late. What this means is that people are frequently finding new aesthetics and getting rid of the old, that home owners who want their homes to look fresh and new also have to spend a certain amount of money and time each year redecorating their home to fit in with the new aesthetic that’s hot each season. 

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For this reason, you’ll always be able to make people super happy by getting them the latest pieces of home decor because you’re helping them make their place look better, especially for the new year! Versace home recently released a new collection of home decor pieces, so you could check it out and find something they’ll love there!

Art prints

It’s almost impossible to buy actual art pieces as a gift, unless you’re a millionaire yourself. The next best thing you could afford though, are art prints of popular works. Not only will this be a gift that they may not have gotten for themselves, but it’ll also be a great way to get them a piece of art that represents them or their culture in some way. For example, if you know your friend is a person who loves all things floral, you could get them one of the most popular floral art prints for them to hang up in their living space. Though art prints are generally on the expensive side, you could also try to find good places online, where they may be comparatively cheaper. 

Resin jewellery

While minimal jewellery is still pretty popular at the moment, resin jewellery is currently taking the fashion world by storm, simply because of how customizable they are. Because resin is a see-through substance, you can preserve almost any object or keepsake inside it and wear it forever as jewellery. So, if your friend loves everything to do with birth month flowers (or anything else of that sort), you could get her a necklace with her birth month flower inside the resin pendant. Not only will it look extremely delicate and pretty but will also be a lovely and meaningful piece of jewellery. 

Home fragrances

You guessed it, essential oils are one of the most costly yet useful gifts you can invest in, especially when shopping for a cozy holiday like Christmas. Most homes will be using oil diffusers and home made fragrances to make their homes smell like Christmas, so gifting them a set of essential oils will definitely be well-appreciated!