DFS, the sofa expert, has partnered with, a global leader in cloud software for conversational commerce, to enhance its customer experience. The partnership enables DFS to provide an improved and more innovative service to customers, via the AI chatbot ‘Sofia’.

The multi-year deal sees DFS integrate’s Conversational AI chatbot technology into its existing platform to help automate conversations, to deliver exceptional customer experiences and build stronger relationships. Using product features including dialogues, intent and a Q&A database, ‘Sofia’ supports customers to get to the right information they need more easily – such as Where’s My Order (WISMO) requests, delivery status updates, and product information – reducing the number of queries being placed in a queue to speak with a live agent.

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Ensuring customers go down the correct conversational flow facilitates a more personalised experience and provides the ability to direct them to a specific team if they have further queries in an instant. Since the launch of ‘Sofia’, recognition rates increased from 52% to 67%. As a result, the amount of queries routed to the wrong team was reduced by 8%, meaning customers are being passed to the correct team of specialists to support their query the first time, improving customer satisfaction rates by 29%. Overall, the percentage of sales converted from the chatbot has risen from 4.51% to 7.09%.

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The Creative Retail Awards are much more than a mere accolade; they represent the pinnacle of achievement in the retail industry. Garnering a nomination or winning one of these awards is a testament to innovation, excellence, and leadership.’s recent integration of generative AI, via their work with market-leading artificial intelligence firm OpenAI, provides businesses with the ability to anticipate and pre-populate queries customers may ask. This reduced the onboarding journey, meaning that DFS was able to start addressing customers’ needs and enhancing the overall experience more quickly. Through continual learning and regular reporting,’s team provides DFS with recommendations on where further improvements can be made on a week-by-week basis, based on customer behaviour and interactions.

James Matthews, UK & Ireland Country Manager at said:“We’re very pleased to be supporting DFS in their ambitions to enhance and improve the customer experience. DFS is a business that embraces technology,as we’ve seen from the beginning of our journey together, and I look forward to seeing the further value and benefit to gain from leveraging AI technology. Through our combined vision and expertise, we can deliver a superior experience, which supports business growth and truly puts the customer first.”

Sam Windridge, Head of Commercial Development at CM.comcommented: “DFS is a household name that cares deeply about continually improving the customer experience by taking a creative, technology-first approach.’s AI chatbot technology has revolutionised the online customer experience for several leading global companies, and we’re now very proud to support DFS’ ongoing ambitions and success with quick, tangible improvements for both their employees and customers alike, helping to foster strong relationships.”

Kai Bentley, Technology Business Partner at DFS said: “We’re always looking at how we can continue to deliver standout customer service and recognise the need to take a fresh approach to provide consumers with an agile, fast, and smooth online experience. We were impressed by’s hands-on approach to identifying the best solution for DFS, as well as the strength and agility of their chatbot technology and ease of use for both employees and customers. The ability to make regular updates and improvements based on customer queries will ensure that we are continually enhancing the service we’re providing, supporting long-term business growth.”