It is your responsibility to provide your staff with personal protective equipment, commonly known as PPE. Protective equipment can reduce the number of injuries in your workplace and improve your workplace culture. PPE is a legal requirement in the UK, under the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992. You need to supply high-quality PPE that is well-maintained and correctly used. 

Your employees should be trained on how to use PPE properly. They need to know which tasks require PPE and how to store their equipment correctly. PPE training is especially important for manufacturing and construction businesses. 

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Here are a few ways PPE can benefit your company and staff. 

Reduce injury in the workplace

PPE can reduce the risk of injury when worn correctly. Your employees should know how to wear PPE and which pieces of equipment are appropriate for their job. For example, protective eyewear should be worn when handling hazardous substances. Educating your staff on PPE is essential and should not be skipped. 

Improves workplace culture

Your team will be happier and more productive if they feel safe at work. PPE can have a positive impact on the health and safety culture of your business. Employees are more likely to stay at your company when they feel valued and cared for. No one wants to work for an employer who completely disregards their employee’s health and safety. 

Poor health and safety procedures can give your company a bad reputation over time. Previous employees could leave poor reviews online and spread the word of your improper regulations. Prioritise health and safety to improve your company culture, reputation and wellbeing. 

It saves money

PPE can be expensive at first – especially when it’s in such high demand. After the pandemic, most workplaces require basic PPE, including masks, social distancing tape and much more. However, you can also save a lot of money on fines and legal fees. You won’t be subject to legal claims if you follow the regulations in place. Simple!

Less sickness

PPE can improve the hygiene in your workspace and limit the amount of sickness. Masks and hand sanitiser can protect employees from germs and stop common colds from spreading around the office. Sickness can mean less staffing to keep your business running and more employee sick pay. 

Choose the right PPE

You need to choose the right equipment to align with the PPE regulations of 2018. Manufacturing and construction companies will require more specialist equipment, like earplugs, protective gloves and headwear. On the other hand, office environments may only require PPE for the pandemic. 

Do your research and make sure your team has the appropriate PPE available to keep them safe at work.