DemandTec by Acoustic, the leading end-to-end, AI-powered lifecycle pricing provider, announced the appointment of Kevin Sterneckert as Chief Strategy Officer, to further accelerate DemandTec’s growth and innovation strategy.

Sterneckert has extensive pricing and merchandising experience and served as a senior leader at DemandTec in its early start-up days. He joins DemandTec from Symphony RetailAI, where he was Chief Marketing Officer.

Kevin Sterneckert Named Chief Strategy Officer for DemandTec

With a range of prior successful leadership roles at retail technology companies including Symphony RetailAI, JDA (now Blue Yonder), Predictix, and Oracle, as well as several years as Gartner’s Research Vice President and Lead Analyst for the Consumer Value Chain, Sterneckert provides a unique and expert point of view to focus on high-impact solutions that will enable retailers to succeed in today’s fast-changing retail landscape.

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Throughout his career, he has worked with big brand name retailers such as HEB, Walmart Stores, and Big V Supermarkets.

“Kevin’s a highly respected industry visionary with in-depth insights into the challenges retailers face and with a keen sense of the technology innovations that will best enable them to overcome those challenges,” said Todd P. Michaud, CEO of DemandTec. “I’ve been an admirer of Kevin’s for many years, and I’m excited to add his talents and energy to our growth-oriented leadership team here at DemandTec.”

“I’m thrilled to rejoin DemandTec, where I sense the same energy, passion, and innovation that the company was recognized for from its early days as an AI-driven lifecycle pricing first mover,” said Sterneckert. “I jumped at the chance to join this outstanding team under Todd’s leadership, and I look forward to working with the entire DemandTec team and customers to develop the strategies that will drive the next chapters of growth with solutions that will empower retailers and manufacturers with advanced capabilities that unlock new value and competitive opportunities.”

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