EllaFashion is an electronic pricing solution that has been developed in close co-operation with retailers, for retailers. The digital price tags – built with lightweight, e-paper technology – display prices electronically and can be altered remotely at a retailer’s headquarters with the click of a button. Over the last few months, this forward-thinking, technology-focussed retail solution was installed in Björkqvist in Helsinki.

Björkqvist is able to take advantage of dynamic pricing with this solution, and can trigger seasonal pricing, happy hour and flash sales both in-store and online. Staff no longer have to spend their time manually changing price labels, and can instead concentrate on enhancing the overall customer experience in-store. The unique, digital price tag solution is also supported by a real-time inventory system. The award-winning, innovative EllaFashion system offers a high inventory accuracy, meaning products can be easily identified.

“We were looking for a completely new, dynamic retail solution that could streamline our operations as a retailer and replace our old-fashioned paper tags. Not only was the implementation of the EllaFashion solution into our store seamless, but employees also required minimal training as the system is so simple to use. This new, electronic pricing solution has reduced the number of price discrepancies and has sped up the price-changing process – completely revolutionising the retail experience for customers for the better,” comments Björkqvist owner Markus Björkqvist.

For Björkqvist, the digital transformation doesn’t end there. Not only has the store undergone the implementation of the EllaFashion smart price tag solution, but the retail technology manufacturer also plans to install its EllaFittingRoom solution.

EllaFittingRoom is an example of a digital technology that can transform the way that customers use fitting room facilities in fashion stores. The smart fitting room system integrates touch screen displays into each individual room. Upon entering the digital dressing room, the customer is able to use a screen to call for an assistant if they wish to choose a different style or colour of an item, or to check product availability. Björkqvist’s customers will also be able to view suggested items based on their shop so far, and access additional information about the brand, its loyalty programmes and any personalised offers.

Once the full solution has been implemented at Björkqvist, the retailer will be able to intelligently report, via the real-time inventory system, on which clothes have been tried on and not purchased, allowing the retailer to identify customer behavioural trends.

“Our dynamic and disruptive retail solutions have been created to secure a healthy bottom line, and ensure that the customer is the retailer’s main focus. We are thrilled that Björkqvist has noticed the benefits that our solutions can provide, and we are excited to witness the impact that the full solution will have”, comments Agata Sadowska, Vice President of Sales and Projects at MariElla Labels Oy.