Maze, the creator and purveyor of luxury outdoor furniture, has announced a brand refresh. To best suit its evolving customer in 2022 and core demographic, the rebrand features an all-new aesthetic, revitalised brand values, a new-look website and more. The rebrand comes at a hugely exciting time for Maze, having seen significant growth across its network of retail and trade business partners along with its own D2C channel.

Following years of lockdown and restrictions, garden furniture has become one of the UK’s most in-demand products. As a result, Maze’s rebrand comes at a pivotal time, where the brand has exciting growth plans and has developed the business to continue its mission to meet evolving consumer needs.

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This revitalised identity incorporates a new-look logo, website and revamped social platforms. Maze has worked with its partner Agency Forty in meticulously creating a distinctive look that ensures the Maze brand is instantly recognisable.

Maze has always represented quality, luxury and innovation. As part of its new brand overhaul, Maze has identified the four key brand values that are fundamental to its core: Innovation, Pioneering Spirit and mission to deliver both Style and Substance.

‘Innovation’ is in Maze’s DNA. This pillar embodies Maze’s creative and curious nature; the company has constantly challenged the status-quo, having moved away from its former ‘Maze Rattan’ name as it focused on its genius all-weather outdoor fabric offerings and wider product portfolio.

The brand also lives to develop; as such, the second pillar of ‘Pioneering Spirit’ exemplifies Maze’s tenacious approach. This has seen Maze introduce striking new products which revitalise consumer’s expectations in how a suite of furniture can be used.

Everything Maze does must be underpinned with a thorough design-language; as such ‘Style’ is the third value. Maze has always put a strong emphasis on the look and feel of its products, but now more than ever Maze perfectly blends form with function, taking its cue from wider design trends to offer stunning furniture ranges that are fit for purpose.

Finally, ‘Substance’ ties all that Maze stands for together, being a tried, tested and most importantly, trusted brand. Maze is proud of its reputation for quality, and any customer that purchases a Maze product buys into the Maze lifestyle.

A crucial development in the rebrand developed is its new website. This will make browsing products easier than ever before, showcasing them to demonstrate the high-quality, craftsmanship that goes into Maze’s offering. Furthermore, Mazes’ existing B2B network combined with its D2C offer ensures the brand can cater to all audiences.