Last month, global fashion brand MISSGUIDED partnered with the charity, Models of Diversity, to launch a competition to find models for their latest empowering campaign. They chose 7 out of the 2,500 applicants to model in the shoot alongside other inspirational people.

The “However You Nude” campaign, features diverse and empowering models to promote Missguided’s new inclusive shapewear collection. The powerful collection pushes boundaries to rethink the ‘norm’, through captivating imagery and video, it introduces a collection that honours every shade and shape.

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The fashion brand is on a mission to empower all, this collaboration aims to promote equality through the next generation of content creators and models.  The collection is not only available in a variety of skin tones and body shapes but also celebrates models with a disability, with a story as a transgender woman and with a story as a non-binary person.

The collection features models such as trans advocate Dani St James who co-founded “Not A Phase”, a charity which supports trans youth and Joy Cooper who is an advocate for people with Ileostomy bags.

Angel, Founder of
Models of Diversity explained:

“Many brands talk about change, few follow through! Misguided absolutely blew us away with their commitment to inclusion and diversity in this campaign. We were delighted that amongst their gorgeous and diverse cast they included 7 very beautiful but very different models from MOD – the results are amazing. It is a pleasure to be associated with a brand so determined to be on the right side of change”

Missguided Founder and CEO Nitin Passi stated:

“Empowerment is at the heart of what we stand for and while we’re proud of that, it has to be for everyone. This campaign powerfully says who we are and also shows what we aspire to be, not only opening a window into the breadth of what we offer but also now better covering the skin tones that match the diversity of our customers.”