Smartech, a software-powered retailer, has announced this week that it has more than doubled its footprint with the launch of a new flagship store, making room for Selfridgesfirst ever robot the YuMi that will join as the Smartech barista, creating a never seen before retail experience in the UK.
Smartech’s new store is furthering its mission to make Selfridges the destination for innovation and bring customers access to the most cutting-edge technology and allow them to try it firsthand — most of them start-up companies new to traditional retail channels. Smartech’s innovative future of retail solution – based on customer insights – simplifies for customers exploring connected devices. Recent developments with Gravity and Awake have allowed customers to discover the worlds first flying suit and electric wake board, all from the London store. 
That’s not all that’s new at Smartech. The innovation store launched only 18 months ago in a seven sqm space with only seven brands. Now, Smartech has doubled its floor space to 100 sqm and is home to over 60 brands.
The idea for the concept was born out a sense of frustration, says Smartech’s founder Jacov Nachtailer. “Everyone was writing and talking about innovation but there was nowhere you could discover these exciting products at retail and play with it. In August 2016, we had the privilege to open our first Smartech store at Selfridges, to create a destination for innovation helping people to discover, try and experience the latest in IoT and connected products – things they’ve never seen before.”
The new store features a curated selection of top-rated innovations and offers consumers onsite support from specially trained experts known as “Smartech Specialists.” Customers will be immediately drawn to the immersive and luxurious store, designed by Edmondo Capocci, where more than 60 innovations are brought to life including brands such as Ring, Snapchat and Royole alongside niche devices from companies that launch on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, giving innovative founders a retail space.
The fully immersive format also includes worldwide exclusive experiences such as the Robot Barista, YuMi by ABB – a revolutionary integration of motion control software, speed-limited hardware, reduced weight, a compact frame and 14-axis agility. Its lightweight, padded arms can cease operation in milliseconds if necessary, allowing it to work directly alongside people and able to make a perfect coffee.
“The future of retail has to do with discovery and customer relations. The idea of innovation and smart products is to simplify life – but the technology can sometimes be confusing or intimidating. So, we developed Smartech to emulate an inviting atmosphere that empowers consumers to make informed decisions and at the same time help our amazing inventors to bring their brands to life.” said Nathalie Bernce, CEO.