The Fragrance Shop, the UK’s largest independent fragrance retailer, has announced the grand opening of its pioneering experiential flagship store on Oxford Street, London. This innovative 2,300 sq ft store, nestled at 70/88 Oxford Street, represents the brand’s inaugural presence on the famous shopping strip, marking a significant chapter in its expansion​​​.

Situated in one of London’s most bustling retail areas, the flagship store’s launch demonstrates confidence in the future of Oxford Street as a key shopping destination. This optimism aligns with recent sales increases in the area, propelled partly by the introduction of the Elizabeth Line.

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The store stands out for its interactive stations and state-of-the-art features, inviting customers to a unique sensory journey that redefines fragrance shopping. With a vast assortment of fragrances, The Fragrance Shop emphasizes exceptional consultation and navigation, ensuring an effortless discovery of the perfect scent for each individual​​​​.

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In an exciting technological advancement, The Fragrance Shop has partnered with EveryHuman to unveil the UK’s first AI fragrance creation machine at its Oxford Street location. This ‘Algorithmic Perfumery’ experience allows customers to engage in a new dimension of fragrance personalization. The AI machine creates bespoke fragrances based on responses to a series of questions, combining natural and synthetic molecules to generate unique scent profiles. This interactive experience lets users craft and purchase their personalized fragrances, all within the store​​.

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Sanjay Vadera MBE, CEO of The Fragrance Shop, celebrates this launch as a manifestation of the brand’s passion for innovation and disruption. The collaboration with EveryHuman is seen as just the start of a fruitful partnership. Frederik Duerinck and Anahita Mekanik, the minds behind EveryHuman, express their excitement to bring this novel technology to a broader audience, lauding The Fragrance Shop as the ideal partner for this venture in the UK​​.


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