Exploration needs daring, it requires first steps, bold decisions and courage. Lucy Walker, Daisy Voog and Beatrice Tomasson knew all this and more, each of them taking giant strides so that others could follow.

Lucy Walker was a prolific explorer who undertook nearly 100 expeditions, became the president of the Ladies’ Alpine Club and achieved legendary status as the first woman to reach the summit of the Matterhorn.

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Daisy Voog didn’t just summit the Eiger via the mountaineering-style ridge; she climbed its challenging north face, inspiring everyone to question what was possible.

Beatrice Tomasson took up mountaineering at the age of 26. 16 years later she summited the Marmolada via its south face. It was regarded as one of the longest and most challenging climbs in the Alps at the time; she climbed it in one day, reframing notions of strength and boldness in the mountains.

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