Are you looking for new ideas to grow your business or brand? Do you feel like you’ve maxed out Google Shopping or Facebook ads and are looking for some alternatives? 

We’re here to give you some ideas on how you can market your brand using custom stickers. 

What’s special about stickers?!

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They’re a surprisingly effective means to help grow your brand, no matter your size, because of 2 reasons:

  1. Their low cost – this helps to get a great ROI
  2. They’re not perceived to be advertising. If you give people a sticker in the right context, most will see it as a gift.

Giving gifts to people is an established sales tactic because of social psychology’s rule of reciprocity. The recipient wants to return the favour, which could be in the form of a purchase, social media post or something else.

Let’s get stuck in. Here are 3 ideas on how to use custom stickers to grow your brand?

1. Include stickers with all orders

Slipping a sticker or two into your product packaging is a no brainer because they’re such low-cost. There is sound logic why a company such as Apple include stickers with their iPhone.

Google has published research saying over 3 billion remarks of brands get made everyday and over 90% happen offline. You need to get in on this. You can boost your growth via word-of-mouth, by putting your brand in your customers’ environments, using a premium, UK made custom sticker

2. Build social awareness through guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing is a tactic where a brand uses shock and unconventional communication to promote their product or service.

There are many ways stickers can help your next guerilla marketing campaign – some are awesome; have a Google.

Here is an idea to get your imagination going.

The emotion this image stirs within us is incredible, and you certainly won’t forget about the National Geographic Channel soon! 

3. Give stickers to influencers

Another idea is to send stickers to social media influencers and get some publicity. Countless businesses use this tactic as it taps into the power of reciprocity, as discussed earlier. 

Try sending them some of your brand merchandise along with free stickers then sit back and watch the Instagram stories come.

Of course, we’d love it to be this easy, but it does actually work! We find it works the best with micro-influencers (up to 100,000 followers). Go too big, and you’re at risk your present disappears between the other 20 parcels a day they receive.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these ideas.