The contactless card transaction limit has been raised to £100 – but some people will be able to set their own limits.

However, this will depend on who they bank with – as the options being offered vary.

Here is a look at what banks are saying:

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– Lloyds Banking Group

Customers of Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland will be able to set their own contactless limits, of between £30 up to £95, in increments of £5.

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Lloyds Banking Group said customers will have flexibility (Nick Ansell/PA)

They can also toggle contactless functionality on and off. If people turn contactless off, they will need to key in their Pin when paying by card.


Customers can choose to turn off the contactless function of their card using NatWest’s mobile app but cannot currently set their own limit.


The bank does not currently offer the ability to set individual contactless limits, but it said customers can request a non-contactless card if that is their preference.


While customers do not currently have the option to set their own contactless limits, they can set spending limits across all of their transactions, which includes contactless transactions.

These controls can be updated in real time in their app.


The bank is working on an option for customers to be able to request lower contactless limits, but this will not be immediately available.

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Santander said it is working an on option for customers to alter spending limits (Mike Egerton/PA)

Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide members will have the ability to turn off the contactless function and can also request a non-contactless card if they prefer.

The building society is also planning to launch the ability for members to set a lower contactless limit than £100 in the future.

Virgin Money

Customers cannot set their own limit or toggle contactless on and off.

Metro Bank

Metro Bank does not currently have plans to allow customers to set individual limits on their contactless cards. It added that it has a range of safeguards in place across its channels to protect customers against fraud.

Starling Bank

Customers will be able to select a limit of their choice between £0 and £100, in £10 increments using its app. They can turn contactless off entirely if they want to.