Fujifilm UK has rolled out a significant brand refresh for its photo printing services, introducing PHOTO by Fujifilm across its network of 150 independent retail partners in the UK and Ireland.

The brand refresh is Fujifilm’s latest initiative aimed at bolstering independent high street retailers. Each of these retail partners, which exclusively offer Fujifilm photo printing services, will receive new brand guidelines and a revamped storefront to attract both new and existing customers. The rebranding aims to establish a cohesive nationwide brand while preserving the unique identity of each independent shop. Custom signage featuring the individual shop names will be prominently displayed as part of the new PHOTO by Fujifilm branding.

PHOTO by Fujifilm 2

The rebranding comes at a time when many high street retailers are facing challenges due to economic uncertainties. Fujifilm’s initiative aims to provide these retailers with a competitive edge.

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Despite the prevailing economic climate, several of Fujifilm’s retail partners have reported a positive start to the year. The brand refresh is expected to build on this momentum, enabling these retailers to better compete in the high street market.

Theo Georghiades, General Manager for Imaging Solutions at Fujifilm UK, elaborated on the company’s commitment to local communities: “We understand the importance placing photography at the heart of local communities can have, which is why we continue to invest in our independent retail partners. Photography remains an inspiration in our daily lives, and we are finding there is a greater desire than ever to have physical photo prints, whether taken on a smartphone or digital camera.”

He added, “Launching PHOTO by Fujifilm allows us to celebrate the artistry of our independent retailers while establishing a consistent nationwide service that customers can trust. They are all true specialists when it comes to photo printing, and when coupled with the quality of Fujifilm paper and printing technology, it provides a truly outstanding service to customers.”

All Fujifilm-affiliated retailers are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, offering a range of personalized photo gifts. This includes photo restorations, photo books, and canvases.

Theo Georghiades expressed his satisfaction with the new branding, stating, “We are proud with the new vision provided through the latest branding. We have had extremely positive feedback from our partners and cannot wait to see the signage appear up and down the UK’s high streets.”

Fujifilm has been a stalwart supporter of local businesses since 1996, with retail partners spanning from Nottingham to Newhaven. In addition to the brand refresh, Fujifilm provides ongoing support to its retail partners through training services, expert business advice, and round-the-clock technical guidance.