Manchester ad tech business, Branded Media, has developed a brainy new solution to one of modern life’s biggest problems: ‘low battery anxiety’.

PowrPod charging stations have been delivered to over 30 colleges and universities throughout the UK, keeping students connected.  Pods are also in place at Manchester United.  The University of Reading, where PowrPods are sponsored by Coca-Cola Freestyle, have proved a huge success with sponsored brands and students.  PowrPods can be stationed in a variety of public spaces such as restaurants, visitor centres, airport lounges, salons, gyms, shops, stadiums, colleges, and cinemas. 

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These stations work in conjunction with the PowrApp app, which is designed to help the hospitality industry get back on its feet.  The app directs consumers to their nearest local PowrPod charging station and promotes vendor special offers.  In this way, PowrPod charging stations deliver safe increased footfall and additional revenue streams, which are key to the survival of businesses in a Covid-19 world.

Lauren Jade Adams, Founder of PowrPod, said that:  “Everyone is suffering now due to the dire economic consequences of the global pandemic.  Our charging solutions provide an essential service for people on the go and helps increase footfall into businesses in a safe and controlled manner and generates a much-needed new revenue stream for the vendor.”

Lauren Jade added: “We all dread running out of battery.  Having PowrApp on your phone allows you to instantly find a charging station nearby.  The venue may also include a special offer, such as a free coffee top-up whilst charging.  Local businesses can also advertise directly on PowrPod TV through an additional feature of PowrApp, allowing a consumer to browse products and services in their specific area.  A range of pricing solutions are available, including the option to install the PowrPod on a ‘free’ loan agreement basis under certain conditions.”

Each PowrPod is a custom-made, high-tech table that is supplied with a range of comfortable seating, super-fast Qi wireless charging pads and charging cables, a touch-free hand sanitiser dispenser and an 18.5” LED digital advertising screen. 

Dave Ewart, Head of European Freestyle Customer & Commercialisation at The Coca-Cola Company, said that: “There is nothing like PowrPod charging solutions! Coca-Cola Freestyle is all about connecting people with occasions, just like PowrPods do. The Pods highlight the Coca-Cola Freestyle brand and benefit all consumers, showcasing over 100 individual choices.  Coca-Cola Freestyle are proud to support the next generation (Gen Z) with their studies, social life and wellbeing by keeping them connected.”

In addition to PowrPod and PowrApp, Branded Media is soon to launch Bar Call, a digital ordering and processing system that is based on consumer input and feedback.  Bar Call is designed to increase footfall in a safe and structured manner by rebuilding consumer confidence and incorporates the latest Bluetooth technology, allowing vendors to market their facility in real-time.

Bar Call will revolutionise the way we order food and drink in the future and the way it will be served.  Bar Call has been designed to increase business opportunities for smaller companies in the hospitality sector working within the government’s coronavirus guidelines. 

Lauren Jade said: “Bar Call operates on a cloud platform and is available as a free app to consumers.  Vendors, such as coffee shops, bars and restaurants can use Bar Call as their booking system – ensuring full compliance with ’track and trace’ rules – as well as a changeable digital menu, a cash register and more.  It will be the perfect digital contactless cost-effective solution for hospitality in our changing world.”

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