Mango has launched a campaign generated entirely by generative AI for the limited-edition Sunset Dream collection of its youth line, Mango Teen. This initiative is part of the Earn lever of Mango’s Strategic Plan 2024-2026, which aims to create value through technological development, data management, and operational excellence.

Mango has developed more than fifteen machine learning platforms since 2018, applying artificial intelligence across various points of its value chain, including pricing and personalisation.

Mango Teen Sunset Dream Large

AI-Generated Campaign

Mango’s creation of the first AI-generated campaign for the Sunset Dream collection, now available in 95 markets, demonstrates the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the fashion industry. The campaign reflects Mango’s pioneering spirit, being one of the first to use AI to develop the graphic image of a collection.

Jordi Alex, Chief Information Technology Officer at Mango, stated, “This initiative reflects our continued commitment to innovation and being on the cutting edge in the fashion world. Artificial intelligence is a technological revolution that presents great opportunities that should act as a co-pilot to extend the capabilities of our employees and further amplify our creativity. Because technology will either make us more human or it won’t.”

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The development of the campaign was a collaborative effort involving Mango Teen’s design, art, styling, dataset and AI model training teams, and its photography studio. The process began with shooting real photos of each garment in the collection. A generative AI model was then trained to generate images by positioning the real garments on a model. The biggest challenge was achieving editorial-quality images while maintaining the characteristics of the garment and the model. The art team then selected, retouched, edited, and mastered the AI-generated images in the photography studio.

This technological advance and commitment to digital transformation are part of the Earn lever of Mango’s Strategic Plan 2024-2026. Innovation has always been a key pillar of Mango’s strategy, helping the company become one of the significant groups in the European fashion industry. Since 2018, Mango has developed numerous AI platforms that apply across its value chain, including an internal conversational generative AI platform for employee and partner use cases and an image generative AI platform for design inspiration.

In January 2024, Mango further demonstrated its commitment to digital innovation by joining Roblox, the global immersive communication and connection platform with over 70 million daily active users. Mango opened its first immersive store on the platform, located in the virtual Outfit Shopping Mall, where users can buy Mango Teen digital clothing and products for their avatars.