Mindful Snacker has launched: aiming to be the most innovative Snack Brand Company on the market, and to ‘bring the simple pleasure back’ to snacking.

It will officially announce a ground-breaking new cooking process next month – which has been more than 10 years and £20million+ in the making – and has produced a potato crisp with significantly lower fat and salt-content. The product has been developed to change the future of crisps as the industry knows it.

With the all-female team having over 20 years in the development and marketing of snack brands, Mindful Snacker will offer the convenience sector as well as independent grocery and delis, health/wellness outlets and coffee chains a portfolio solution for the health-conscious consumer.

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Mindful Snacker has been backed by Venture Specialists Pilot Lite which significantly reduces the risk normally associated with a Start-Up. This financial support means that the team can viably discuss larger-scale in-store marketing and POS support for retailers to ramp up sales activity very early in the buying process.

Tara Quick, CEO of Mindful Snacker commented: “Our aim is to provide delicious better-for-you snacks which bring the pleasure back to snacking. Our first launch is a truly game-changing product and we cannot wait to officially announce it next month. We focus on all-natural ingredients that you recognise, minimal processing, no additives, we’re conscious of salt content, but ultimately we are driven by taste – everything we do is delicious, we’re obsessed with flavour and quality. Whilst taste will always be the number one factor, we have seen health increasingly become a driver of comfort food sales during the pandemic, and we’ve responded to that. Snacking is now more important now to our everyday lives than ever before. What if there was a better way to enjoy what you love and avoid the pitfalls; namely fat, salt and calories? We want to be the future of snacking.”

Ruth Fittock, Marketing Director of Mindful Snacker said: “I’ve worked in snacks for years and have launched some really innovative brands in the UK, and I believe that Mindful Snacker is going to be a serious player within the convenience sector within months and the visionary attitude of the team, combined with the focus on innovation and research meant it was a no-brainer to go on this journey with them. In a post-pandemic world, the importance of health for the consumer is going to dictate the way in which the convenience sector develops and Mindful Snacker is going to be at the forefront. I think we might just have the most exciting snack launch for 2021 coming up this April.”