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The power of VR

The best retail designers are not only great ideas people, they’re also highly skilled at explaining and selling in their concepts. Charisma and eloquence...

More evidence that consumers expect technology to change the look of...

The sight of shoppers gyrating in front of a mirror to see how they look in a coat or dress may be with us...

Shepherd Neame opens experiential store

Britain's oldest brewer, Shepherd Neame has opened a seasonal pop-up at Bluewater in Kent. Open until 5 July 2017, the 167 sq m brewing...

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Disrupting physical: Who needs a store?

Only a few months ago, I was discussing the longevity of the high street with an e-commerce director at a luxury furniture retailer. Recalling...


The Interview – Juventus F.C.

Juventus FC's head of brand, licensing and retail Silvio Vigato talks to The Retail Exchange host Ben Bland about managing retail challenges at one of the world’s...

Mall Overhaul

The Interview – Rockar