The Range and TV shopping channel, Ideal World TV will launch The Range TV this weekend as they look to win the battle for consumer attention both in-store and on screens with a unique retailer-shopping-channel partnership.

Ideal World TV will provide studio space for The Range to install a full ‘store-in-studio’, livestreaming the retailer’s video content on popular social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube – as well as broadcasting on Ideal World’s own TV shopping channel – in a move that could revolutionise how UK retailers sell online.

The retailer-shopping-channel partnership will see The Range livestream product demos from Ideal World’s TV studios on social media channels such as TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, as well as live TV

The partnership comes at a time when eCommerce activity has begun to migrate onto social media platforms, giving rise to the need for brands to create social commerce experiences for their customers.

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“Making shoppable video content entertaining and engaging has never been more important” said Alex Simpkin, CEO of The Range. “These days, we know the online consumer likes to watch videos when researching a potential purchase and whilst we excel in user-generated content for younger shoppers with Instagram, YouTube and Tik Tok; we have been seeking an alternative way to reach other audiences who we know will respond to something more polished.”

“We’ve seen other retailers fail when they’ve tried to film in a store environment due to sound and lighting issues. Partnering with Ideal World and building a store-in-studio was a perfect solution for us. They have a talented team in place and state-of-the-art TV studios from which they can broadcast high quality shoppable video content on our behalf.

Now you can buy from The Range at over 200 stores, in-store via kiosks, on the website and via TV and social media. It’s an exciting development for us.”

Hamish Morjaria, CEO of Ideal World commented: “Our new venture with The Range is the first retailer-shopping-channel partnership in the UK and we expect more to follow. Retailers have never had a greater need for high-quality, shoppable content that can be used across multiple platforms

Whilst there is no doubt social influencers can reach many audiences; our team of presenters are trained in engaging in high-energy and high quality demonstrations, explaining the product in detail, enabling them to make a considered purchase with confidence. This gives TV the edge.

The Range and Ideal World also stand to gain from greater levels of reach by tapping into each other’s vast customer bases.”

The Range will launch The Range TV with its outdoor and garden items first starting from the 27th May with the potential to reach over 1.2 million of its followers on Instagram and many more on TikTok and YouTube, where the retailer has a strong base of followers.