Home improvement retailer, Wickes, has launched a new Period Positive campaign set to remove the stigma and stress around menstruation at work.

A first for Wickes, the rollout will see the brand providing period products, free of charge, across all its stores, distribution centres and offices, to colleagues who require them and need one-off supplies.


The new initiative follows research revealing that 86% of people who menstruate have experienced a period starting unexpectedly. Alongside free and easy to access products, the retailer is also advising allcolleagues on how they can be more period positive.

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The initiative has been developed by one of the business’ six Inclusion and Diversity workstreams which aim to create a workplace where colleagues feel comfortable, healthy, and happy by prioritising wellbeing and equality. The Balance for Better workstream, which has activated this programme, focuses on, not just closing the gender gap,  but also looking to support all colleagues by creating a balanced organisation.

Gary Kibble, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, and Balance for Better Executive Sponsor, at Wickes comments: “This important work from our Balance for Better team aims to support our colleagues’ mental and physical wellbeing, together with creating a more balanced and understanding working environment. The rollout of our new Period Positive project is part of our commitment to making Wickes a comfortable place to work, ensuring we acknowledge the stresses that can occur during a period and provide equal access to period products for those who may need them.”