YesColours is tackling the UK waste paint issue head-on by introducing radical new packaging that aims to flip the industry on its head by removing the traditional paint tin in favour of a fully recyclable pouch.

Founded by John Stubbs and Creative Partner, Emma Bestley, they are on a mission to provide an alternative packaging solution, taking a nod from the beauty and cosmetic industry, that tackles both of these issues along with a number of other clever environmental benefits: 

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  • 1 litre sizes so customers can more accurately order what they need
  • Packaging that is more widely and easily recyclable than the standard paint tin.

YesColours’ paint pouch alone uses 16% less fossil fuel, generates 21% less greenhouse gas emissions and uses 26% less water throughout its production than traditional rigid packaging – giving consumers the opportunity to help protect the environment before they’ve even started painting. 

The pouch can be placed in local store or supermarket recycling points – far better than leaving tins in sheds degrading over time and waiting to be taken to the tip where they’ll be landfilled or incinerated. As UK collection services improve curbside recycling, customers will be able to recycle in their homes as well.

Not only do they boast their paints are deeper, richer and more vibrant (due to 40-60% more pigment and innovative colourant technology) they have also been chosen for how colour can positively impact mental and physical health. 

YesColours paints are 0% added VOCs and are free from Azo-dyes and harmful surfactants found in some other decorative paints(APE and NPEs); which can harm marine life, the environment and potentially unborn babies.