For those in the West End and dreaming of a white Christmas, Snapchat has used its AR to bring a bit of holiday magic to Carnaby Street, where they have adapted their Local Lenses technology to make it snow at this famous shopping destination. Snapchatters can also use a paint cannon to give the shops on Carnaby Street a festive makeover.

Last year Snap introduced Landmarkers, which enabled the Snapchat Camera to understand individual buildings and allowed Lenses to interact with some of the world’s greatest landmarks. From Buckingham Palace, to the Flatiron Building in New York, to the Taj Mahal, these places came to life in entirely new ways from the perspectives of the world’s most creative people, closely weaving our physical and the digital world together.

Snapchat Carnaby Lens.

Earlier this year, Snap launched its first Local Lens, which evolved this technology and made it possible to augment larger areas, including city blocks. This first iteration, City Painter allowed Snapchatters to join a persistent, shared AR world built right on top of the physical one, and collaborate to paint the space around them.

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By taking in information from 360-degree images, and Community Snaps, Snap was able to build up a digital representation of the physical world, and view an augmented experience from different viewpoints.

If you are in Carnaby Street, open up Snapchat and the Lens should appear on your Carousel. Select it and point your camera to begin the experience.